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Customize Your BricsCAD Color Scheme

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BricsCAD Dark Mode

Does BricsCAD have a dark mode? It's a question I get asked over and over again. For BricsCAD V20 the answer is yes!

Maybe you're a hardcore goth or maybe you just find a dark paper space less strain on the eyes. Well, today I'm going to show you how to not just get a dark paper space, but get literally every color combination you could wish for. But in the future, who knows. ;-), maybe we have something up our sleeves.

In this post I'm going to assume you're already au fait with the layout and settings for BricsCAD, if you're not, then I suggest you check out Hedi's posts on the interface and settings.

Paper space

Taking the paper space to dark mode is super easy.
paper black - BricsCAD

  1. First, let's open up the settings panel.
  2. Program options-Display-Paper space background color. For this example I chose black but you can choose any color you like!!
    paper space

3D view

light to dark

Change your workspace from light to dark

To get a dark mode feel in BricsCAD 3D Viewer:

  1. The background is customizable as part of the Visual Styles. You can create your own.
  2. First, enter the weird and wonderful world of the** Drawing Explorer** and navigate to the visual styles bar.
  3. Create a new view.
  4. Name, as you like.
  5. Select the settings you want and make sure that Backgrounds: Off!dark mode viewstyle
  6. Now navigate back to the Settings panel
  7. Program options-Display-Background color
    background colour
  8. Here I chose grey, but you can choose any color you like, honestly, go nuts.


The command line

Once you've changed the background color, you might find that the command line has too high contrast with the background. No problem. Simply go to Settings/Program options/User preferences/Command line.

You can change the background and text color of the command line list and the input areas individually.


In this example, I have chosen a black background with green and blue text, but you can use whatever settings you like!

The axis colors

The more eagle-eyed of you will have spotted that my Quad and axes are also custom colored. This is just as easy to change.

Program options-Display-X axis color/Y axis color/Z axis color.

Line weight

fat darkmode-1

Make line super fat or superfine

Ok so, now we've left you in the dark maybe there are other things you'd like to change in BricsCAD to help with eye comfort.

  1. Line weight is also fully customizable

  2. Go back to the settings panel

  3. Drawing-Drafting-Display/Viewing-Lineweights

  4. For this post I chose:

    | Entity lineweight | Default |
    | Default lineweight | 0.53 |
    | Lineweight display | yes |

    But you can mix and match the line weight to what suits you best.

  5. You will then need to go to the properties panel.

  6. Choose Lineweight: default. However, you can also change each line to suit per layer or per item, it's completely up to you. The same is true for color.

Does it have to be dark?

So now you know how to get the dark view, why not experiment and go crazy? See how far you can push BricsCAD! Feel free to send me your wildest creations.

go cazy

Go Wild! See what you can come up with.

6 december 2022 6 min

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