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Christmas CAD - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Christmas CAD - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Is it just me or is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Why not unwind with this fun Christmas project and make yourself your very own Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in CAD?

Christmas CAD - finish-1024x578

How to Make Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in CAD:

  1. Start by making the head of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Create a polygon shape, as shown:Christmas CAD - 1 shape-e1576600438984-768x407
  2. Extrude up.Christmas CAD - 2 extrude-768x483
  3. Imprint lines on the top and bottom as shown.Christmas CAD - 3 imprint-768x432
  4. Use the Manipulator and DmPushPull to adjust the faces as shown.Christmas CAD - manipulate sml
  5. Mirror.Christmas CAD - 5 mirror-768x568
  6. Union.
  7. Fillet.Christmas CAD - 6 fillet-768x539
  8. Repeat for the nose.Christmas CAD - 8 fillet-768x571
  9. Create a guideline, as shown.Christmas CAD - 9 guide line-768x491
  10.  Extrude the end face. Set the direction to the guide curve and add a taper angle of 10°.Christmas CAD - 10 extrude-768x566
  11. Extrude again, use the y-axis for the direction and set the taper angle to 5°.Christmas CAD - 11 extrude-768x460
  12. Use the Manipulator to change the angle of the back face.Christmas CAD - 13 manipulate-768x488
  13. Fillet the edges.
  14. Use Spline to create some legs.Christmas CAD - 14 legs-768x516Tip: Hit the Shift Key to align the UCS with the faces on the sides of the body.
  15. Use DMThicken to transform the splines into solids.
  16. Create a Cone.Christmas CAD - 15 cone
  17. Copy it into the end of each leg and move it into position.Christmas CAD - 16 position-768x287
  18. Use DmPushPull to extend the ends of the legs into the hooves.Christmas CAD - 17 push pull-768x260
  19. Use Spline to create an antler.Christmas CAD - 18 antler-768x525
  20. Use DMThicken to convert this into a solid.Christmas CAD - 19 dmthicken-768x504
  21. Use Fillet to soften the edges.Christmas CAD - 20 fillet
  22. Use a closed Spline to create an ear shape.Christmas CAD - 21 ear-768x469
  23. Use Revolve to create the ear.Christmas CAD - 22 revolve
  24. Use a Sphere to create an eye.Christmas CAD - 23 eye
  25. Mirror the face.Christmas CAD - 24 mirror
  26. Use a closed Spline to create a half tail shape.Christmas CAD - 25 spline-768x421
  27. Use Revolve to create the solid.Christmas CAD - 26 revolve
  28. Use the Manipulator to move the tail into position.Christmas CAD - 27 manipulate
  29. Last, but not least, use a Sphere to make the nose.Christmas CAD - 26 nose-768x541
  30. ...And finish him off with some materials.

Christmas CAD - 28 matterials

Merry Christmas and happy CADing everyone.

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