Hong Kong’s Construction Innovation and Technology Fund approves Bricsys® products

May 12, 2019

Hong Kong construction image

The government of Hong Kong is funding 1 Billion HKD (112.8 Million Euro) to up-level the construction industry in Hong Kong. The program is called the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF), sponsored by the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (DEVB), and is being implemented by the Construction Industry Council (CIC). Bricsys is proud to be selected as a part of this initiative.

The CITF is aimed at improving outcomes in the construction industry through two key initiatives: First, the CITF will be used to support technologies, including machinery, equipment and software with “proven effectiveness in boosting productivity, uplifting build quality, improving site safety or enhancing environmental performance (of built structures)”. It is in this category that two Bricsys products – our Bricsys 24/7 Common Data Environment (CDE) and BricsCAD BIM – fit the criteria set by the Hong Kong Development Bureau. The criteria for qualification include products that leverage automation, industrialization and digitization of construction projects to improve all aspects of the final built environment. This pre-approval ensures that companies choosing Bricsys 24/7 and BricsCAD BIM for their projects will enjoy a streamlined project application process with the Hong Kong Development Bureau.

Secondly, the CITF will focus on enhancing the capability of all practitioners in the building process, to harness technology for the continuous improvement of the construction industry. This will include training and collaboration courses for industry practitioners, and the sponsoring of international conferences on construction technology adoption in Hong Kong. To discover more about the Hong Kong Construction Innovation and Technology Fund, the Development Bureau (DEVB) or the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC), please navigate to www.citf.cic.hk