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BricsCAD® for 3D: Visual Styles

By The Bricsys Team 5 min 2 ottobre 2023
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When you're working with 3D models in BricsCAD®, you can use Visual Styles to control the display of 3D solids and surfaces to make those final touches on your designs. Let's take a look at how you can use visual styles in BricsCAD.

How to access Visual Styles in BricsCAD®

You can access Visual Styles in various ways.

  1. Right click on the Look From widget and choose the visual style from the options in the menu.
  2. Click on the View ribbon tab and choose the visual style from the fly out.
  3. Click on the properties panel and choose a visual style from the drop-down menu.

Default Visual Styles

There are a few default visual styles available in BricsCAD - let's take a look at the different default options.

The 2D Wireframe style display's your 2D drawing's entities as lines and curves.

2DWireframe BricsCAD Visual Style

Choose the Conceptual visual style to display the entities using smooth shading and Gooch Face style.

Conceptual BricsCAD Visual Style

When you use the Hidden visual style, entities are displayed by as a wire frame, but the lines representing back faces are hidden.

Hidden BricsCAD Visual Style

The Modelling visual style displays entities with smooth shading, and shows realistic face styles, materials, textures and edges.

Modeling BricsCAD Visual Style

Realistic visual style displays the model similarly to the Modeling style, but it does not show the model's edges.

Realistic BricsCAD Visual Style

In the Shaded visual style, entities are displayed with smooth shading, realistic face style and materials.

Shaded BricsCAD Visual Style

Shaded with Edges is like the Shaded style, but it also shows the edges of the model.

Shaded with edges BricsCAD Visual Style

The Shades of Grey visual style is similar to shaded, but the faces are displayed in monochrome.

Shadeds of Grey BricsCAD Visual Style

With Sketchy , 2D and 3D entities are displayed with a sketched by hand effect using constant colour face style, line extensions and textured lines.

Sketchy BricsCAD Visual Style

The Wireframe visual style displays 3D entities using only lines and curves.

Wireframe BricsCAD Visual Style

The X-Ray visual style is similar to the Shaded style, the difference is that faces are displayed with partial transparency.

X-Ray BricsCAD Visual Style

When you're using BricsCAD BIMyou can see the BIM visual style. In the BIM style, entities are shown with smooth shading, realistic faces, materials and textures while the edges are not shown.

BIM BricsCAD Visual Style

Lighting models with shaded styles

In all shaded visual styles the model's faces are illuminated by one distinct light source which follows the viewport as you move around the model. This default light illuminates all the faces in the model so the user can identify them – this is only available when all lights are turned off.

Lighting BricsCAD Visual Style

How to Edit a Visual Style in BricsCAD

Now lets see how you can create or edit a visual style.

  • Right click on the Look from Widget
  • Click Visual Styles
  • Click Visual Styles Manager


  • Type the VISUALSTYLES command in the command line.

This will open the Drawing Explorer where you can see the different visual styles, their descriptions and respective parameters.

BricsCAD Visual Style Drawing Explorer

  • Click on a visual style to make that the current style, then you can change this style's parameters.

In this example, we chose the Hidden style, turned on the opacity parameter and reduced its opacity from 60% to 30%.

Edit BricsCAD Visual Style

  • Close the drawing explorer and your changes to the style are saved.

How to create a new Visual Style in BricsCAD

  • Navigate to the __Visual Styles Manager __
  • Click on the New button in the Visual Styles interface and name your new style. In this example, we named it "New Style”.

New BricsCAD Visual Style

  • Add a brief description.
  • Change the parameters for the new style. For this example, we changed the edge color to red by going to Edge Settings, and changed the color from white to red, and widening the edges by changing the width to five.

Edit new BricsCAD Visual Style

  • Close the drawing explorer.
  • Open the Visual Styles menu to find your new style.

New BricsCAD Visual Style Red

How to delete a Visual Style in BricsCAD

  • Click on the style you want to apply.
  • Open the Visual Style Manager .
  • Select a different style.
  • Right click on the style you want to delete.
  • Click delete .

Now you're ready to use the various Visual Styles available in BricsCAD, edit them or create your own to give your models a finishing touch!

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