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15 de septiembre de 2022 6 min

The Block Replace Command in BricsCAD v22

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate the Block Replace command in BricsCAD V22. To understand the Block Replace command, it’s first helpful to understand what a block is in BricsCAD. A block consists of a collection of entities that can be manipulated, copied, pasted, and, therefore, replicated through your project as you see fit.

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9 de septiembre de 2022 2 min


In BrisCAD V22, the EXTRABLOCKS command extracts a block instance from a drawing, creating a separate .dwg file in the location of your choosing. This file can then be used in future 2D as well as 3D drawings. Learn how to use this command in our latest blog post.

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28 de febrero de 2021 5 min

8 Reasons Why Students Should Try 3D Modeling

Students can gain valueable skills that are transferable to a wide range of industries, if they learn 3D modeling and CAD. 3D modeling, which involves the creation of three-dimensional objects using specialized software, is often used for high-quality production.

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