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Get your concepts approved in BricsCAD Shape, make your building a reality with BricsCAD BIM.

Discover BricsCAD BIM

Simulate reality with BricsCAD BIM

BricsCAD BIM lets you build a digital prototype of your building. There's no extra software needed. The real bonus? Construction documentation is a snap - it's automatic.

Let your computer do the heavy lifting

The BIMIFY command automatically classifies your Shape model. Intelligent rooms understand their location in a building, and know their 3D boundaries. BIM Suggest analyzes component connections and helps you reuse them throughout your BIM.

Move up through the levels of development

The Structural Modeling toolset in BricsCAD BIM creates columns, beams, railings, ducts and more. Automatically classify these entities, and move them between disciplines with BricsCAD BIM’s buildingSMART-certified IFC import and export features.

BIM, on your schedule

Imagine new software that you already know. With BricsCAD, BIM doesn’t have to be hard. You can migrate at your speed. You can discover the benefits of BIM on your schedule… without disrupting your business.

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