BricsCAD Maintenance

for your perpetual software licenses

BricsCAD Maintenance is the least expensive way to keep your perpetual software licenses up to date. It also gives you a premier product support experience and free access to our cloud-based collaboration tools.

Embrace our innovation

We’re always thinking about the next release of BricsCAD: adding unique new features, smoother workflows and the most stable operation possible

At Bricsys, we work each day to develop the most forward-looking product technology in the CAD market. Considering the low cost of BricsCAD Maintenance, can you afford not to use the latest CAD technology in your business? It’s the best money you can spend.

Premier product support

BricsCAD Maintenance customers go to the top of the queue

We understand the importance of stable, high-performance design tools, and the cost of downtime. When you need help, BricsCAD Maintenance customers get priority in our support system. It’s another way that Bricsys values your investment in our software.

Bricsys 24/7 for Design Teams

Get access to essential collaboration tools and cloud storage

Bricsys 24/7 for Design Teams is free to all Maintenance customers, with one GB of storage and up to twenty users. Directly accessible from inside BricsCAD, you can access, view, share and store all of your design files on our secure, cloud-based platform. Need more space? You can upgrade your storage for a low yearly fee.

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Maintenance is the least expensive way to keep your perpetual license up to date!