Intelligent Quad cursor for easy CAD drawing

Speed up your workflow with the Quad™ cursor. With the redesigned context-sensitive cursor, easy CAD drawing is just a click away.

2D Drafting

The intelligent Quad cursor is an alternative to grip editing entities. While grip glyphs accumulate clutter, the Quad cursor, with its compact size, keeps your screen clean. It does come with a rich set of editing operations. And it’s intelligent: the Quad cursor knows in how many dimensions (2D or 3D) you are drawing and immediately adapts to show commands you need.

3D Modeling

The Quad cursor intuitively adjusts to 3D workflows. Features such as extruding faces with just one click improve easy drawing in CAD. You can also manipulate solids using the Quad’s options, such as subtract and push/pull.

Hotkey Assistant

When edge and face selection modes are active, the new Hotkey Assistant displays options available. Cycle through them by tapping the Ctrl key.


The Manipulator widget lets you rotate, move, mirror or scale entities along an axis or plane. Dynamic dimension input allows for precise positioning control. If you hold the Ctrl-key when you click, you’ll create a copy of the selected entities.