Familiar 2D & 3D Interface

The BricsCAD interface will make you feel right at home from the very beginning. Navigating through drawings becomes easier than ever, thanks to a distinctive ribbon. It’s the fastest way to access tools through our tabbed CAD interface.

Look-from widget

Easily change your view direction using the Look From widget. Just click the arrows surrounding the chair icon to manipulate the viewpoint.

Intelligent quad cursor

Speed things up with our context-sensitive Quad™ cursor.

Settings manager

The Settings Dialog reports and modifies the current value of all settings in your CAD interface. Sort settings alphabetically or by category (tree view). The instant search feature finds settings quickly and intuitively.

Drawing explorer

This is your drawing control center. From The Drawing Explorer you can see all your object definitions, and work with them across all your opened drawings. Browse through and view drawings in your favorite folders, or even insert blocks without ever opening the source drawing.

Connect to your Bricsys 24/7 account to share and manage your drawing projects in the cloud, and create and work with your projects sheet sets.

Layers and content browser

Whereas before the Layer explorer had to be dismissed, now layer names and their settings are always available to you while drawing and editing through the Layer panel. The Content Browser dockable panel displays DWG and DXF content in a tree-like view from folders that you specify.

Dockable panels

When you have more than one panel docked to the side of the screen, they now share the same space, with each panel getting its own tab.