Flexible licensing. No forced subscriptions.

For students and schools BricsCAD is always free

BricsCAD + All-In Maintenance

When you choose All-In Maintenance, you are entitled to all software updates and the next major release of BricsCAD.

  • Priority support
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Perpetual right-to-use
  • Lowest cost of ownership to stay up to date
  • Your initial cost is a bit higher, as your upgrade to the next major version of BricsCAD is included in the first year's All-In maintenance program price

One Year Rental

A BricsCAD rental subscription gives you access to the latest version of BricsCAD for one year, and includes all new releases that become available during that year..

  • One year right-to-use license, with Priority Support. The lowest initial cost.
  • No perpetual right-to-use the software. You must renew your subscription each year to continue to use BricsCAD. Rental represents the highest cost to stay up-to-date with BricsCAD over 5 years.
volume licensing

Volume Licensing. One key, flexible usage

A CAD volume licensing agreement allows you to use the BricsCAD software within a defined user base. You can install the CAD software using a single license key valid for every user, which greatly simplifies license management. You also receive access to all product upgrades and get priority support.

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network licensing

Network licensing

With a CAD network licensing agreement, multiple users can use BricsCAD within a LAN (Local Area Network). The number of available network licenses defines the number of users who can concurrently use the software.

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