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A structural design studio, specializing in architectural projects

“Since we started working with BricsCAD, we design everything in 3D” – Piet Lelieur, Civil Engineer

Designers and manufacturers of custom solutions for the metalworking industry

“If you’re an engineer working in 2D, it’s much easier for you to start working in 3D in BricsCAD than with any other tool” - Hristo Guentchev, Managing Director

Designers, manufacturers and builders of large-scale concert stages around the world

“BricsCAD is most important in our work because of its functionality” – Paul Schijfsma, Head of R&D

Leaders in hydraulic engineering and water works

“BricsCAD is […] very, very fast and very stable” – Jose Duarte, Civil Engineer

World leader in solutions and logistics for the phosphate industry

“In one day, (users) were productive, and within one week, they had made a full migration to BricsCAD. It’s like we never changed our (CAD) platform.” – Dario Pibiri, Piping and Mechanical Engineer

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