Basic Tutorials

1. The basics of sketching05:10 2. Selection modes04:23 3. Surface modeling techniques03:23 4. Surface modeling techniques applied05:40 5. Working with windows and doors05:25 6. Working with the Quad cursor03:30 7. Adding data to your BIM05:10

The basics of sketching

Learn the basics of sketching in BricsCAD BIM using the versatile polysolid tool, which can be used to create walls and other shapes.

Selection modes

Learn the different selection modes in BricsCAD BIM: edges, solid faces and boundaries.

Surface modeling techniques

Learn the basics of working with surfaces. There are three main features you can use to manipulate a surface: Extrude - Push/Pull and BIMDrag.

Surface modeling techniques applied

In this video, we’ll show how to create geometry using a combination of surface modeling and solid modeling techniques.

Working with windows and doors

Learn the basics of placing and editing windows and doors in BricsCAD BIM.

Working with the Quad cursor

Learn how to work with the context sensitive Quad cursor.

Adding data to your BIM

In this tutorial video you will learn how to add data to your BIM. First, we'll explain how to classify building elements and secondly how to assign compositions.

Advanced Tutorials

Download tutorial dwg's

1. Working with the structure browser04:50 2. Working with sections & composition plies02:21 3. Assigning rooms02:30 4. Assigning properties03:10 5. Configuration setup03:08 6. Creating new geometry - Part 105:25 7. Creating new geometry - Part 203:45 8. Data extraction02:58

Working with the structure browser

The structure browser provides an interactive tree of all the elements that are incorporated in the BIM. It is a way to organize your BIM, so that it is easier to work with. We’ll cover some of the different ways you can utilize the new structure browser.

Working with sections & composition plies

In this video, we’ll show how to work with BIM sections, detail sections and composition plies.

Assigning rooms

Create new rooms and see how to work with them. All properties assigned to the rooms are synced with the structure browser. When updating the room sizes, the information displayed in the room stamps is automatically updated.

Assigning properties

This short video takes a closer look at BricsCAD BIM’s Data Features, which builds the database that can be used to document your projects effectively!

Configuration setup

In the configuration setup video we’ll continue investigating BricsCAD BIM’s Data Features by exploring properties and configurations. It’s great to be able to add information into the BIM but it’s even better to be able to leverage that information in different ways.

Creating new geometry - Part 1

In the next two videos we’ll go through conceptual modeling in BricsCAD BIM and how new geometry can be created and worked with easily.

Creating new geometry - Part 2

In Part 2 of the New Geometry series we’ll pick up where we left off and add stairs and different types of glazing.

Data extraction

In BricsCAD BIM it’s easy to get data out of a BIM project. This tutorial shows a step-by-step guide on how to do it.