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Enhanced BIM functions

Create and manage building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically. With BricsCAD BIM you can go through all stages, no extra software needed!



BricsCAD BIM allows you to easily modify positions and dimensions. To design walls in BIM, draw their footprints in 2D and then pull them up to the desired level. You can also specify their level by entering dimensions interactively.


Windows and doors

Arrays of windows and doors are included in the BricsCAD BIM design sets. To specify windows and doors, choose or modify a design from the library or create your own designs from scratch.

BIM sheetset

Easily attach information to building elements

BIM allows you to attach information to building elements with the very same flexibility you find in BricsCAD 3D modeling. The software stores building materials and compositions in its project database, which is accessible through the dockable BIM panel.


Building materials contain information about specific materials along with layer names and rendering definitions.


You can add a custom number of tags to a building composition. Those tags will serve as a filter when searching through your database for compositions.

Reuse compositions across projects

The library database included with BricsCAD allows you to reuse compositions and building materials across multiple BIM projects. To share information among databases, simply drag building materials and compositions from one database to another.

Drawing generation

The redesigned drawing generation feature lets you generate sheet sets in just seconds. The dockable sheet set manager offers smooth navigation between the project drawings.

  • Flexible Document Navigation
  • Easy Creation Of Sheet Selection Sets
  • Easy Creation Of Associative View Label Blocks
  • One-button Publish Of Sheet Selection Set
  • One-click Insertion Of Sheet List Table