Manage your BIM projects in the cloud with Chapoo

With Chapoo, all of your colleagues can view and annotate dwg files, whether they use BricsCAD or not. Chapoo’s cloud services allow you to communicate, manage files, assign tasks to project collaborators and automate processes. You can drag-and-drop reports and analyze live data in our cloud services any time you want and anywhere you are.



Model server

The Building Information Model server enables you to centralize the information of a construction project. You can query, merge and filter the BIM-model.

3D Viewer

View 3D CAD files online in your browser with the Chapoo 3D Viewer. Explore and slice your 3D models, all in the cloud.

Integrated in BricsCAD

Upload and download your CAD files within the BricsCAD interface. There’s no need to switch to your browser.


Chapoo unites people with different roles in projects. Communicate, manage documents, assign tasks and automate processes. Manage live data in the cloud with forms and reports — anytime, anywhere.

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Upload dwg's in the cloud including x-refs

After drawing your plans in BricsCAD, you can upload your dwg’s to Chapoo including all x-refs, straight from BricsCAD.

View and annotate dwg's in the Chapoo viewer

Team members who don’t have BricsCAD can view and annotate .dwg files at the construction site with the Chapoo tablet app.

Define who gets to see what documents

Easily create and manage roles in Chapoo’s cloud services for different types of team members.

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