Why BricsCAD BIM

Create and manage building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically. With BricsCAD BIM you can go through all stages, no extra software needed!


Early stage – 3D direct modeling

Create intuitively without limitation as you would do in Sketch-Up – but it will be faster and precise. Modify finally by drag and drop. Make sections and renderings to present your ideas crystal clear. When approved, your model goes to the next stage: No need to start all over again in another software. It’s all 100% .dwg and ready for BIM now.


When approved – BIM the model

Just continue with the presentation model. All elements – walls, floors, columns, windows doors, etc. – can be classified automatically by BricsCAD BIM. Start to add IFC compliant information to the elements. Add gradually more and more detail and data. See how 2D sections show all the details – when needed magnify explicit details and keep everything synched. Manage your office materials and composition database efficiently – all in that one BricsCAD BIM.



Check your BIM models with other engineering disciplines of the project. Compare your architectural model with structural models and MEP models via IFC. Match geometries and get all the needed info from BIM intelligent objects.

cloud collaboration

Collaborate in the cloud

Keep geometry and data on your desktop synchronized with a version in the cloud. Manage access rights for other project teams and share with them parts or the entire project. The most recent version is always immediately available.

Detailed data and metadata can be viewed and browsed in the online IFC compliant database or – together with the geometry – in the online 3D viewer. Use powerful filters to search and view single elements or groups of elements. Check your models with models of other engineering disciplines of the project.