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Byucksan Engineering achieves cost savings and enhanced productivity with BricsCAD® Pro


Byucksan Engineering is a leading engineering company in Korea with over 40 years of experience. Their use of BricsCAD® Pro, a powerful and affordable CAD software, has improved their productivity and reduced operating costs.

BricsCAD Pro
SOP's BIM Capabilities

SOP’s first step in transitioning to BIM saves time and materials, using point clouds in a façade restoration project

Architecture and Engineering

Responsible for handling the building needs of the state government of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Secretaria de Obras Publicas (SOP) turned to BricsCAD® BIM to enable cross-department collaboration and streamline workflows.

Exquando chooses Bricssys247 construction cloud

Exquando chooses Bricsys® 24/7’s construction data cloud to bring visibility and order to documentation

Information Governance and Management

With construction documentation building up across six disparate platforms, Exquando turned to Bricsys® 24/7 for an accessible, easy-to-use, and flexible construction data cloud to rein in the chaos.

Bricsys 24/7
Modeling on BricsCAD_3D member-joint connections for structural steel

EIEN Engineering values BricsCAD's single DWG solution for 3D, Mechanical, and BIM design

Technical Design and Structural Engineering

The design team at EIEN Engineering delivers accurate modeling, automated BOM and fast MTOs for construction and engineering trades. With BricsCAD® Ultimate, the DWG-based interoperability of 2D/3D, Mechanical, and BIM allows them to design with freedom, flexibility, and productivity.

BricsCAD Ultimate
BricsCAD Parametric Panel Manager increases 2D CAD productivity

Independent Design House (IDH) boosts CAD productivity with easy migration to BricsCAD®

Civil and Structural Design Consultants

IDH Ltd migrated to BricsCAD® and immediately got deliverables out faster with a powerful 2D/3D CAD. In one rework typical to their workflow, the tools in the Parametric Manager panel reduced the redesign time from three hours to five minutes running on BricsCAD®.

Civil & Surveying
BricsCAD Lite
BricsCAD Pro
2D plan and 3D modeling scaffolding plan

SH Formas: 10 years of flexible licensing on the BricsCAD® platform for 2D and 3D scaffolding designs

Construction and Building Systems

With a decade of running on BricsCAD®, SH Formas continues to rely on BricsCAD® as a compatible, customizable, and interoperable platform for their design customizations and library of parametric parts, helping to deliver 2D, 3D scaffolding designs and BOMs much faster in their competitive markets.

BricsCAD Pro
BricsCAD Ultimate
facility occupancy on CAD

Open API on BricsCAD® powers Facilities Management at Electricité de Strasbourg

Utilities Facilities Management

Electricité de Strasbourg searched for a CAD solution with open APIs to deliver greater efficiency to its day-to-day facilities management.

Customized with the Tessellat app by BricsCAD® partner Liris, this seamless CAD combination is helping the utility company's team to deliver real-time information with higher accuracy to manage their renovation and refurbishment programs.

BricsCAD Lite
Engineered structural timber modeled on 3D CAD

CAD and BIM interoperability inside BricsCAD® Ultimate unlocks Makespace OÜ's design workflows

AEC and Structural Design

Makespace OÜ designs engineered structural timber with BricsCAD® Ultimate’s package, harnessing CAD modeling, BIM and mechanical interoperability on a single platform. With highly productive accuracy, their teams can design for deliverables from and to architects, engineers and constructors.

BricsCAD Ultimate
AV Layout Plan on 2D CAD

Concept Systems Technologies makes seamless switch to BricsCAD®

Audio Visual

In operation since 2003, Singapore-based Concept Systems Technologies has carved a name for itself in the Asia Pacific region by designing and installing bespoke audio-visual systems.

BricsCAD Lite

Trusted by CAD users worldwide

"The breadth of capabilities is remarkable. It would require multiple software packages from other vendors to match the feature set of BricsCAD. This, along with perpetual licensing, makes BricsCAD the ultimate value proposition."

Stan E.

"It took me almost no time to make the transition from AutoCAD. There were no problems with using my existing LISP routines. The pricing and license terms are fantastic, especially for a small business."

Joe M.

"The price point compared to AutoCAD is by far the best perk of the program. You can basically get all the same features for a much, much lower cost."

Kevin L.