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Concept Systems Technologies makes seamless switch to BricsCAD®

In operation since 2003, Singapore-based Concept Systems Technologies has carved a name for itself in the Asia Pacific region by designing and installing bespoke audio-visual systems.

Audio-visual layout designs on CAD

From the most sophisticated multi-media visual display equipment to conventional boardroom products, the company handles projects of all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of complexity.

Having served customers for nearly 20 years, Concept Systems Technologies needed to find a way to continue providing cutting-edge designs and an offering that represents value for money. One of the key expenditure points identified as unsustainable was its CAD solution, used primarily for 2D drawings of product layouts and system connections.

Its current subscription model prevented the firm from being cost-competitive, triggering a search for a CAD system with similar usability for ease of transition but with a more favourable price point.

Switching to BricsCAD®

Crucial for Concept Systems Technologies is a solution which enables the company's designers to continue developing audio-visual product designs which are robust, user friendly and maximise functionality.

BricsCAD® met all these requirements by helping simplify design processes and saving business time and money.

One feature - CopyGuided - has already proven particularly valuable by enabling users to automatically align copied entities with relevant geometry using temporary guide curves. The company's designers have also benefited from the functionality offered by MoveGuided, which aids the process of moving elements such as blocks, lines, arcs, and hatches on a 2D drawing.

As well as being simple to use, the BricsCAD® perpetual licensing options and annual maintenance represent a more affordable option for the company, enabling us to buy more and have a more productive experience, says CK. Lim, Project Manager at Concept Systems Technologies.

A seamless process

Concept Systems Technologies fully transitioned to BricsCAD® with very little friction. The system's similarities with its previous solution and the responsive technical support provided were key. If a question needed answering, the BricsCAD® team was on hand to reply accurately and promptly.

CK. Lim continues: "We are delighted to be working with BricsCAD® for over four years to produce our 2D drawings, a process which improved thanks to valuable features such as CopyGuided and MoveGuided."

"As well as representing a more affordable option, what has impressed us the most is the attention to detail and level of service received, both in terms of pre-sale, product demonstrations and technical support when making the transition."

Thanks to BricsCAD®, Concept Systems Technologies can continue offering state-of-the-art audio-visual system designs to its customers in a financially sustainable way for the company moving forward.

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