Generative Design in BIM

Unleash the power of free-form modeling capabilities. Explore parametric design variants with Rhino's Grasshopper through BricsCAD BIM, a strong .dwg based BIM platform.

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Design Iterations

Extend your BricsCAD BIM AI-powered workflow with generative design and free-form modeling. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.


A volume study is an essential part of the design process. Choose your design parameters and visually program generative solutions in Grasshopper as mass models, then let BricsCAD BIM do the rest. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence in BricsCAD BIM to complete models and receive analytical feedback.

Input .dwg geometry

Design to BIM

Transform your free-form or generative design into a Building Information Model with the click of a button, or within your generative design script.


“If you’re a product engineer or architect, generative design fits into your engineering workflows with ease. The AI-assisted generative design revolution promises a very exciting future.”

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Richard Conn, Senior Director at RingCentral


Generative Detailing

Attach Grasshopper scripts to BricsCAD BIM entities with one click and no visual programming knowledge to view the parameters of the script in the properties of each entity. Switch previews on or off as needed then turn them into native BricsCAD BIM geometry.


Curtain wall BricsCAD BIM

In the design stage, quickly explore numerous variations of your model with enough detail to assess variations against their real qualities, without losing momentum in your design process. Design multiple parametric versions of curtain walls and assess the impact on volume studies.