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Bricsys 24/7 is all about
working together

Manage your documents globally

Bricsys 24/7 offers secure and simple document management. Access your documents from anywhere. Share them with your global teams. View them on any device. Collaborate on your project. Securely. 24/7.

Version control

Detailed activity log


Powerful search

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Your perfect model manager

Bricsys 24/7 lets you easily share Building Information Modeling (BIM) designs with engineers, construction professionals, building owners and operators. They can explore, view, annotate and slice your 3D models interactively, in the cloud.

Data explorer

3D Viewer

Annotate 3D models

Full .dwg and XREF management

3D Viewer 24/7
unlimited users in 24/7

Create unlimited users and roles

24/7 allows unlimited users to work together. Project administrators can set user rights by creating roles to simplify permissions management. Administration is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

User management

Create roles

Automate repetitive tasks

Build your own widgets to automate tasks that you use every day. It’s easy with 24/7’s drag-and-drop graphical workflow editor.

Automate processes

Manage tasks

automate tasks

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