BricsCAD provides subcontractors with a 2D and 3D CAD alternative for detailed construction drawings and constructability models. Our DWG solution offers all the familiar CAD tools and productivity features for high capability at a lower cost.

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2D Trade drawings/Shop drawings

Our professional CAD solution streamlines your shop drawing workflows with AI-driven productivity tools that deliver better performance at a lower cost of ownership.

Level Up: 2D to 3D to BIM

Move from 2D to 3D for coordination, constructability, and quantification in a familiar CAD-based environment. Experience the fastest, most intuitive modeling with BricsCAD BIM.

Construction layout: cloud collaboration

Seamlessly connect the field and office for construction layout workflows. Exchange data such as points lists, drawings and models with Bricsys 24/7 cloud solution.


BricsCAD BIM: CAD-based design trusted by Willemen Construct

Willemen Construct is one of Belgium’s largest construction companies. Their team designs, builds, and renovates all types of buildings for many diverse sectors, with a promise to customers to deliver the highest quality projects on time and within budget. Willemen Construct relies on BricsCAD BIM as its trusted tool to help fulfill this promise.

BricsCAD BIM as the trusted CAD tool for Willemen Construct

The Perfect Match


We use BricsCAD in different ways: as a viewer for .dwg drawings, for adopting and printing .dwg, and for creating new 2D drawings. BricsCAD is a good product and a good fit for many of our users working with CAD drawings - especially for our international users, who benefit from BricsCAD’s multilingualism”

Jan Marcinski, Group Manager of Product Conception and Management STRABAG SE

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Download BricsCAD Pro

The BricsCAD installer includes all features of Shape, Lite, Pro, BIM, and Mechanical. After the 30-days trial, you can keep using BricsCAD Shape for free.

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