BricsCAD includes familiar 2D and 3D Direct Modeling CAD features.

BricsCAD V19. The Future of DWG.

Welcome to V19! Blockify, PDF import, and nearest distance will speed up your workflow. Heidi Hewett and Hans De Backer show you all here.

What's new


Searches the drawing for an identical set of entities and replaces them with block references.

Block editor

Edit blocks in a block dedicated drawing environment.

PDF import

Import geometry from PDF files.

Nearest distance

Dynamically view and modify the distance between two selected entities.

Snap to adaptive grids

Create, edit, nudge and manipulate entities using concise values without keyboard entry.

Improved dimensions

Apply multiple types of dimensions with a single, intuitive dimensioning tool.


Link data from an Excel spreadsheet directly into drawing tables and keep them automatically synced.

Auto-parametrize solids

Fully constrain and parameterize solid models in a single operation.


Compare drawing settings against default values or other drawings.


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