BricsCAD takes Studio Mouton straight to 3D

Civil Engineer Piet Lelieur of Studio Mouton likes our open, customizable CAD platform – BricsCAD – because it helped his team make the move to a 100% 3D design workflow.

Studio Mouton is a construction engineering office in Ghent, Belgium. They work on a wide range of small and large structures, including one of Zaha Hadid’s last international projects, the magnificent Antwerp Port House.

While most of the components of their projects use standard CAD tools, some portions with complex geometry need more specialized tools. Mouton requires software that can compute highly complex structural elements, uses BIM data and works on a universal DWG file format. Mouton makes “very rapid” project decisions. BricsCAD allows them to make fast changes seamlessly.

According to Mouton’s Construction Engineer, Piet Lelieur, “BricsCAD is an open system that offers us a lot of room for adaptation and customization. It allows us to adapt to every situation, depending on the project. BricsCAD operates in the DWG format, which is compatible with any CAD software,” making Bricsys a valuable partner to Mouton.

The Mouton team has very recently switched to BricsCAD. Lelieur and his team spent nearly a year of testing, trying several different software packages before they made the switch to BricsCAD BIM. Finding that other CAD platforms missed the mark, Lelieur and his team “shifted to BricsCAD because its way of approaching 3D is much more in line with what we need.”

Prior to switching to BricsCAD, Mouton used a different approach, where each project combined 2D and 3D drawing elements. Since switching to BricsCAD, the biggest change for the team is that the 3D model is now the basis for all the 2D drawings.

Lelieur explains, “BricsCAD has a more classic 3D modeling approach, which makes it very easy to use. Since we started working with BricsCAD, we design everything in 3D. Basically, people just need to have a look at the tutorial, and they can start modeling. The most important thing - and it sounds quite simple, but it really isn’t - is that our Bricsys software works as we expect it to work.”

“We prefer BricsCAD because we need centralized information. Decisions need to be made rapidly, and they need to be well-founded. Additionally, we want to own our licenses so we have a full overview of short-term and long-term costs.”

  • Region: Belgium

  • Industry: Architecture, Construction Engineering

  • Company name: Studio Mouton