Bricsys® promises to democratize innovations in CAD with flexible licensing for all users

30. Oktober 2022

Bricsys Digital Summit: Explore the highlights and hear about the innovations to help you Build Better

Ghent, Belgium, October 31st 2022: Today, Bricsys®, a global provider of CAD and construction CDE software, held its annual Digital Summit to showcase the launch of the new BricsCAD® Version 23 and the updated Bricsys® 24/7.

The new release of BricsCAD® Version 23 for the Bricsys® computer aided design (CAD) product family, available to watch, has added more intuitive, AI-driven CAD tools for design, construction, engineering, and manufacturing workflows.

At the Digital Summit, the teams from Bricsys® addressed the challenges for design, construction and engineering professionals to invest in business and their productivity, Rahul Kejriwal CEO at Bricsys® spoke out against the inflexible licensing models for CAD software, negatively impacting digital adoption across small and larger companies in the AEC, design, engineering and manufacturing sectors, and said:

“Bricsys will never trap your data in walled gardens’ and ‘we will offer new and flexible business models to serve users who need the best, most accessible design, modelling and collaboration software.”

Highlighting the innovations for users in BricsCAD® v23, Jan Syssauw, Head of BricsCAD® Product Management and Development for BricsCAD® Pro/Lite, BricsCAD® Mechanical and BricsCAD®BIM, presented the greater accessibility and capability for designers and engineers working in CAD.

“BricsCAD will continue to invest heavily in R&D. ... CAD is very much alive.... We are on a mission to take the design efficiency and productivity to the next level.”

At the Summit, Bricsys’ senior product teams detailed how the new innovations inside BricsCAD® v23 addresses the operational and economic challenges of business and users.

Cathi Hayes, Vice-President for Go-to-Market at Bricsys, spoke to audiences’ operational challenges in the AEC and Construction sectors - low margins, high risk and skills-gap. And she presented Bricsys’ product strategies to give CAD users and businesses the innovative tools to work productively and intuitively:

“True agility is achieved through three characteristics: integration, automation, and usability. Bricsys is the only vendor with a single platform for CAD, BIM and Mechanical design; ... Simple and easy-to-learn so you, your workflows and your projects perform better.”

Speaking as a keynote highlight at the Summit, Thomas Harring, President of Geosystems at Bricsys’ parent company Hexagon, commented on the interoperability of BricsCAD and Leica Geosystems’ tools and solutions for AEC and Construction:

‘With the reality that half of all construction projects face overrunning costs, having a design technology partner with a focus on automation and intuitive use is of paramount importance. The new version of BricsCAD® is more exciting and more intuitive than ever before and is a testament to the investment Bricsys® has made in research and development across its 20 years history.’


Commenting on the product demo highlights featured at the Bricsys® Digital Summit, Jans Syssauw, Head of BricsCAD® Product and Development, commented that Bricsys is:

“ ... creating powerful tools with a really amazing user experience. CAD will remain a powerful platform. ... We are committed to unlocking interoperability. ... Open, with the full power of all features, through industry-standard APIs.’

BricsCAD® Pro and Lite

New features added and commands enhanced in Bricsys’ flagship, and core DWG-based, product: set of Drawing Health Management tools and significant expansion of its drawing recovery tools. As part of the Hexagon family, For the Civil Sector, BricsCAD® also includes Civil and Point Cloud capabilities. Using AI and Machine Learning, the new v23 automates as many workflows as possible; examples of these intuitive commands featured at the Bricsys® Digital Summit 2022 include Blockify, Propagate and CopyGuided. The new BricsCAD® v23 also includes upgraded Optimize 3D and CopyGuided 2D features. The product team shows how BricsCAD® is interoperable and open for importing and exporting data across platforms, compatible with DWG and IFC standards.


Bricsys’ mission for BricsCAD® BIM is to offer simple, accessible BIM workflows in a familiar CAD environment. It’s designed and built for users who work and participate in BIM workflows, with capability and compatibility for IFC, RVT and RFA. The product focus is for users and businesses to design and build a familiar UI and environment, with automated workflows for 2D drawings from 3D models. The product and BIM experts showcase the new features in BricsCAD® BIM v23, such as improved Stair 2D representation and the Type Plans feature, which will allow elements of Scan-to-BIM modelling to be achieved automatically.

BricsCAD® Mechanical

BricsCAD® Mechanical in V23 speeds up design-to-manufacture on a single dwg-CAD and modeling platform with AI-powered tools. The Bricsys’ product development teams have added to the capability of the 3D mechanical design tool. The product team demonstrates how users can easily generate 2D production drawings downstream, such as automated bill of materials creation, comprehensive 2D drawing detailing capabilities, and unique sheet metal design-to-manufacture workflows.

Bricsys® 24/7

The Bricsys® Digital Summit 2022 featured the latest update to Bricsys® 24/7, the company's Common Data Environment (CDE) cloud for professionals in AEC and Construction to manage project data and exchange multi-format documents. The updated Bricsys® 24/7 cloud CDE platform has made workflows intuitively easy for all stakeholders and building owners to automatically manage data and documentation for projects, with real-time visibility of mission-critical data, in the right place at the right time. Demonstrations at the Bricsys Digital Summit 2022 include workflows for tender documents, building drafts, building models, site plans and bills of materials, as examples. Bricsys® 24/7 is open to an unlimited number of users working on large projects in Building and Construction or large retail portfolios. It is compatible with designs in 2D, 3D and BIM.

BricsCAD® Ultimate

Bringing together the innovations across the Bricsys’ family of products is BricsCAD® Ultimate, the interoperable 2D/3D CAD, modelling and BIM package which gives users a powerful tools, promising: ‘one licence, one tool, one skill’, from BIM to Mechanical designed on an all-in-one CAD platform. BricsCAD® Ultimate provides designers and engineers with the tools to build accurate 3D models for engineering work for fabrication and steel detailing. The BricsCADs® Ultimate package gives users the flexibility to handle low-detail mass modeling, and detailing for highly detailed fabrication, in the same modeling with scan-to-BIM for steel structures.

About Bricsys®
Bricsys® (, part of Hexagon, is the global technology company that creates the BricsCAD® family of computer aided design (CAD) products and the Bricsys® 24/7 CDE collaboration platform. We are committed to the success of our customers by offering cost-effective, mission-critical CAD software with industry-leading product support. Established in Belgium in 2002, Bricsys NV has approximately 300 employees around the world, partners in more than 80 countries and 1,200 registered application developers.

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