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BRX SDKKeer Malec32014-04-09
by Tijs Vermeulen
how to make a hole or drill on a not planar face of a 3d object? for example a pipe?Damian Perticone12014-03-22
by Knut Hohenberg
BRICSCAD - support for ATI Radeon HD 4870ziga lausegger12014-03-13
by ziga lausegger
Installing Bricscad-V12.2.16 on Kubuntu 64bitMarko Vuger02014-03-06
by Marko Vuger
Bricscad (Linux) 12.1.9 BETATijs Vermeulen362014-02-24
by ziga lausegger
Missing MCAD sample DWG files in Platinum installBruno Limmer02014-02-20
by Bruno Limmer
State of raster engine in Bricscad Linux versionVaclav Cermak12014-02-20
by sitian xiang
Bricscad V14Brian Marr272014-02-18
by Vaclav Cermak
BricsCAD v14 linux amd64 could not start (crash right after new file dialog)Florian Delizy52014-02-13
by Florian Delizy
BricsCAD v13 Linux performance issues on 64bit Linux, GeForce 780M with optimusFlorian Delizy02014-02-12
by Florian Delizy
Publish in background problemTom Pol32014-02-07
by Tom Pol
Mechanical browser is working in v14.1.15 - tip if it do not for youMorgan Leijström42014-02-06
by Morgan Leijström
Question about V14 licensing and use in more than one computerBruno Limmer12014-01-30
by Pieter Clarysse
Turn off auto raiseRobert Wuest72014-01-28
by Knut Hohenberg
Bricscad V13.2.17 auf LinuxThoralf Schilde22014-01-23
by Torsten Moses
Bricscad will not start on Opensuse 12.3, libgnutls is missingSven Gehr42014-01-23
by Bruno Limmer
problem to open filesJorge Mora232014-01-20
by Tom Vrana
Script problemMilovann Yanatchkov22014-01-18
by Torsten Moses
Bricscad(Linux) GPU'sTijs Vermeulen432014-01-11
by Morgan Leijström
Version V14 for linuxVíctor García12014-01-11
by Morgan Leijström
kan libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 niet instalerendanny thys42014-01-08
by danny thys
Can Bricscad V13 work on Debian Wheezy 64bits?Carlos Camacho82014-01-08
by Clemens HAUPT
STL export?Adam Liszkai32014-01-06
by Morgan Leijström
Trying to install bricascadv13 - there is no x86_64 version for ubuntu?Jefferson Davis82014-01-03
by Mattias Põldaru
The Unofficial Bricscad V14 WishlistJason Bourhill192014-01-03
by Mattias Põldaru
State of BricsCAD on LinuxKnut Hohenberg122014-01-02
by Onyeibo Oku
Bricscad on Debian?Clemens HAUPT42013-12-31
by Chris Peachment
Print to PDFRobert Szetei52013-12-31
by Donna Klinton
HOWTO: BricsCAD 13 in openSUSE 13.1 64 bitsBruno Limmer12013-12-16
by Bruno Limmer
Positioning ToolbarsVíctor García22013-11-29
by Knut Hohenberg

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