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google map/earth to bricscadPaul Van de Voorde32016-07-24
Known limitations of dynamic blocks in v14?Joe Dunfee42016-07-24
by Eric Fredrickson
.nwd to .dwg conversionAlan Liddle22016-07-22
by Alan Liddle
Lisp .... textfontstyle bold, italic, bolditlaicDonald Broussard42016-07-22
by Jason Bourhill
Layer window simultaneously opend while drawing.Marcin Labryga122016-07-21
by Donald Broussard
Possible right click previous command bug.Daniel Nadebaum12016-07-20
by Jason Bourhill
Auto region select or something like that? How to turn it off?m b22016-07-19
by m b
What's going on? Dwg's with a mind of their own!Kevin Holland92016-07-19
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
UK Ordnance Survey Tiles: TEXT_ROAD_NAME Layer MisplacingKevin Holland22016-07-19
by Kevin Holland
Convert a mechanical assembly back to a 3D drawing?Jim Canale22016-07-19
by Jason Bourhill
3D pline to 2D pline lispGustavo Franca32016-07-18
by Gustavo Franca
Using dynamic blocks on v14Joe Dunfee42016-07-18
by Joe Dunfee
Parametric Woes!Andrew McIntyre32016-07-18
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Best Practices working with .dwg data – White PaperRakesh Rao12016-07-16
by Joe Dunfee
Gerber output?Jim Canale42016-07-15
by Jason Bourhill
Text File Also PDF question.Harvey Hampton42016-07-15
by Jason Bourhill
Advanced Road DesignBrian Oberdorf192016-07-15
by Roger Green
add ggrs87 / Greek GridLUIS MAKOS22016-07-14
Program Doesnt run on Ubuntu 15.10Artem Sviridov12016-07-14
by Artem Sviridov
ContextmenuPatrik Sparrman32016-07-13
by Patrik Sparrman
Places Bar not displaying properly in v16.2.09Michael Conover82016-07-11
by Michael Conover
Dongle FehlerEmanuel Popa12016-07-11
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Selling BricsCAD license / transferring licenseSteffen Ahmad42016-07-07
by Joe Dunfee
Generate Bim SectionG.H. Mulder62016-07-07
by G.H. Mulder
AutosavesJim Canale52016-07-06
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Communicator - SLDPRT formatSteffen Ahmad62016-07-05
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Opacity on grid linesSteffen Ahmad32016-07-05
by Steffen Ahmad
XREF fade levelDenis Bowden12016-07-05
by Denis Bowden
3d mouse does not workJordy Zwaard02016-07-04
by Jordy Zwaard
Class library for .NETH Martin Shoemaker42016-07-01
by H Martin Shoemaker

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