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purge/deleting COGO points and layersadolfo galindo12016-12-10
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
PC choking on vessel modelTim Neumann92016-12-09
by Knut Hohenberg
Upgrade with minimal impactCasey Langman12016-12-09
by Luc Michel
SAVEFILEPATH & MOVEBAK v17Robt Deans22016-12-09
by Robt Deans
PDF exportbenjamin schlanz122016-12-09
by Joe Dunfee
Doctabs doesn't work on Bricscad Pro v12.2.4 64 bit?!Yaacov Lazar142016-12-09
by Henrique Faria
BricsCAD not using VideocardLachlan Bain12016-12-09
by Lachlan Bain
Drawing in 3D is a bit cumbersomeStefaan Coddé132016-12-09
by Patrik Sparrman
move multiple viewports in layout at oncebenjamin schlanz82016-12-08
by benjamin schlanz
Lisp to count entities on layersbenjamin schlanz42016-12-08
by benjamin schlanz
Bricscad 17 slow when choosing dimension or MTEXT to edit. Why?John TeSelle32016-12-08
by John TeSelle
Custom Tool Bar Mark Holland22016-12-07
by Miguel Palaoro
Xref nested endlesslybenjamin schlanz12016-12-07
by benjamin schlanz
Windows Explorer Reference Managerbenjamin schlanz32016-12-07
by benjamin schlanz
Scaling Mark Holland12016-12-07
by Patrik Sparrman
Speed of Bricscad, 10% RAM and CPUbenjamin schlanz52016-12-07
by benjamin schlanz
Grafik Datei in BricsCad anzeigen, einbindenHarald Jödecke02016-12-06
by Harald Jödecke
Can't edit text in any wayBosse Hedman12016-12-06
by Patrik Sparrman
Compare drawing settingsJohn Kennedy32016-12-05
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
.dwl, dwl2 file creationRobt Deans02016-12-05
by Robt Deans
Autodesk Dynamic Block PatentsJoe Dunfee42016-12-05
by Peter Szammer
I lost my properties bar...? Christopher Wood42016-12-05
by Joe Dunfee
Refedit toolbar wondered awayJoe Dunfee122016-12-05
by Joe Dunfee
Drawing objects and selection windows do not display near cross hairsTimothy Chapin22016-12-04
by Timothy Chapin
-P -Pan Snapping NOT working in version 17jack smith12016-12-02
by Torsten Moses
Escape behaviour while editing MTextMateusz Lawrynowicz12016-11-30
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
DWG File ProblemBruno Loureiro22016-11-30
by Bruno Loureiro
BIM in Bricscad V17Konstantin Sakellaris102016-11-30
by Konstantin Sakellaris
Bricscad V17 Load very slow when lan cable is connected to computermax lee32016-11-30
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Array dialog box - how to get it backNancy Eckert22016-11-30
by Jan Haspra

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