Frame Builder busted?

#1 2001-09-08 00:00

I seem to be having trouble getting the Frame Builder to run in either Autocad or Intellicad with the latest Architecturals build (3.0.0014). Is this a known problem, or am I doing something wrong?
thanks, bmr.
#2 2001-09-08 00:00

Bricsys DeveloperLouis Verdonck

Hi Bob,
We don't have any problems running the framebuilder. What exactly is the problem you have? Does the framebuilder dialog not open or is it impossible to create a frame. Can you describe the error more in detail?

#3 2001-09-09 00:00

Sorry about the lack of detail, my mistake. When you click on the Frame Builder button, there is some drive activity, the cursor changes to an hourglass, and nothing more happens. The machine does not lock up (the cursor still moves around and other apps will work fine), but Autocad or Intellicad don't come back. If you cancel the command, the word Cancel will appear in the command window, but the program does not respond (still keeps that hourglass cursor). I tried inserting a window (which works fine) and editing it with the puzzle piece shaped button on the dialog, same "out to lunch" behavior. This machine is running Windows 98SE, with Autocad 2002 and CadOpia's version of Intellicad (3.something). Any clues? bmr.
#4 2001-09-09 00:00

OK, found the problem. If I disable DirectX in dxdiag then the Frame Builder comes up just fine. I'm running version 8 on an ATI Rage Pro, not that it matters much. This is pretty old hardware and if no one else is reporting problems...
Thanks, bmr.