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BricsCAD V15 para Linux ya disponible

BricsCAD V15 ya está disponible en las tres plataformas y ofrece un interfaz de usuario familiar, modelado directo y parametrizable 3D - todo en archivos .dwg nativos. Licencias multiplataforma que permiten a los usuarios ejecutar BricsCAD V15 en Windows, OS X y ahora también en Linux

Gent, Belgium: 25 February, 2015 - BricsCAD V15 is now available on all three platforms and offers cross-platform licensing, a familiar user interface, 3D direct and parametric modeling – all on native .dwg files. BricsCAD V15 for Linux unifies the intelligence of 3D direct modeling with advanced 2D design. BricsCAD is, more than ever, a REAL choice.

Cross Platform License
As of BricsCAD V15, license keys are cross-platform. This means users can choose to run BricsCAD on a Linux, Windows, or Mac computer. Cross platform keys also allow users to try BricsCAD on different platforms. BricsCAD offers an almost identical feature set on all three platforms.

Familiar User Interface
The BricsCAD interface immediately looks familiar to new users. It offers many of the powerful features they already know inside of a clean and consistent user experience.

Thanks to the unique context-sensitive Quad cursor, designers are able to create technical drawings, 3D models, and layouts faster and more accurately. To navigate through drawings easily, V15 adds the distinguished ribbon interface and a “Look From”-widget.

3D Direct Modeling in Native .dwg Format
Unlike most other CAD platforms, BricsCAD handles 3D direct modeling and parametric assemblies, and stores data natively in .dwg format. Users access components of 3D models that are organized hierarchically.
V15 creates renderings more realistically, thanks to 600 new Redway materials included in BricsCAD.

Available Now, Free Download
The Linux version of BricsCAD V15 is available today. The free download provides a 30-day trial. Pricing starts at €410/$520 with the Classic edition. Other editions of BricsCAD offer additional solutions, like sheet metal design and BIM.

With BricsCAD, you get more for less.