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Bricsys verwelkomt Anna Maria Romeo als directeur van partnerontwikkeling

Iedereen bij Bricsys verwelkomt Anna Maria Romeo als onze directeur van partnerontwikkeling. Anna komt bij ons na negentien jaar bij Autodesk, Inc., waar ze begon in de Media and Entertainment Division. De meerderheid van de tijd die ze aan de CAD-softwaregigant besteedde, was de ontwikkeling van programma's voor verschillende bedrijfstakken, als onderdeel van het team Sales Enablement en Training. Kennis die ze opdeed tijdens haar ambtstermijn bij Autodesk, hielp haar om haar volgende avontuur hier bij Bricsys voor te bereiden.

“It’s truly exciting to join such a fresh, innovative team”, said Romeo. “Bricsys is on a clear path to disrupt the CAD/BIM software market. I believe that Bricsys offers customers real choice, with a modern solution that lets customers manage their end-to-end workflow in a very familiar way.”

“Now, as a part of the Hexagon PPM family, the sky is the limit for us. I love being a part of a company that really cares about its customers”, she continued. “Our expansive plan to grow and develop our partner presence reflects the company’s people-centric approach. This approach is unique, and a huge part of my decision to join Bricsys.”

Ms. Romeo earned her degree in Fine Arts / Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She also attended the Vancouver Film School, where she was introduced to the world of 3D animation and visual effects. Her introduction to the world of engineering was at CAE Electronics Commercial and Military Flight Simulator Design Center and her love for technical design that positively impacts the user world experience has grown exponentially since.

Welcome, Anna Maria! We’re really glad you’ve joined Bricsys.