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Jan 30, 2017

Introducing BricsCAD V17 for Mac

Great news: BricsCAD V17 is now available for Mac. BricsCAD V17 supports 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Sheet Metal Design and Building Information Modeling for Mac.

Our team did their utmost to add the top user-requested features. Below some of the new features that BricsCAD V17 for Mac version has to offer:

  • The new dock-able, modeless Layer Explorer keeps layer names and layer settings at your fingertips while drawing and editing.
  • V17’s new dimension style families let you easily create derivative styles from a single parent dimension style. 
  • The new compare dimension styles feature in the Dimension Styles Explorer makes short work of organizing your dimension style catalog.
  • You can document your models faster with expanded section views - full, half, offset, and aligned.
  • The next evolution of the “dynamic block” is here in V17. BricsCAD parametric components makes the creation of pre-defined features simple.

BIM for BricsCAD Mac

The greatly expanded BIM add-in for BricsCAD brings the power of Building Information Modeling to your Mac. They said it couldn’t be done - yet BricsCAD BIM offers an intuitive BIM workflow, in a familiar and comfortable workspace, within the native .dwg environment.

Sheet Metal for BricsCAD Mac

Sheet Metal for BricsCAD lets designers import or create, rework, unfold, and export sheet metal parts using 3D direct modeling. This intuitive workflow gives your designers freedom from many of the conceptual mistakes that surface when using history-based MCAD modelers.

Please consult the BricsCAD V17 release notes to discover more detailed information about the Mac release.

Experience the V17 release yourself by downloading the free trial today or by upgrading your existing license.