V13 silent install with .exe installer

product: BricsCAD
version: Up to V13
operating system: Windows All Versions
last reviewed: 2014-08-01


How to easily install and upgrade BricsCAD on multiple machines (when all machines have been configured in the same way)?


1. Create a script for silent install with the BricsCAD Installer.
see BricsCAD Help > Installations, platforms and levels > Silent installation

Create the response file by going through the installation procedure while running the installer with option /r, eg. BricscadClassic-V8.2.1-1.exe /r

Silent install can be used on computers with the same configuration (because, for example, the response file is not the same for a new installation or an update, etc.)
but when the computers on the network have different configurations, a single responsefile may not be able to handle this.

2. All computers should be logging on to the domain controller. E.g. XP Home
will not use the logon script.

3. On the domain controller, open a dos window and enter the command:
net share
Look for the share NETLOGON and remember the folder it points to (e.g.

4. Go to that folder and create a script that will run whenever a user
logs on to the domain (e.g. login.cmd)


IF EXIST "C:\Program Files\BricsCad" goto exists
ECHO Installing BricsCad...
copy \\server\share\BricscadClassic-V8.2.1-1.exe C:\
copy \\server\share\responsefile.iss C:\
cd \
BricscadClassic-V8.2.1-1.exe /s
del BricscadClassic-V8.2.1-1.exe
del responsefile.iss
ECHO Finished
goto end
ECHO BricsCAD already installed

More information

See also: Silent install with .msi installer.