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ESurvey CAD comes with three Modules. Contours: To Generate smooth contours quickly from point data available in CAD drawings/Excel & CSV Files. Earthwork: To Calculate Volume & generate Sections from point data available in CAD drawings/Excel & CSV Files. Topodraw: To Generate Topographical maps from point data instantly with blocks and elevations in their respective Northing and Easting.

  • Import data from CSV, Excel or CAD for Contour generation, Quantity Estimates & to Generate Topographical Drawing.
  • Generate Contours directly within CAD.
  • Draw Section for any alignment fixed on the Contour Map.
  • Generate Contour Area and Contour Volume instantly.
  • Generate Boundary Based Contours.


E Survey CAD is a compact software solution using which you can generate the topographical map, Contours and Calculate Earthwork quantities for the surveyed area. It comes with three modules- Topodraw, Contours and Earthwork. The Topodraw module comes with features like * Generating the topographical map of the surveyed area along with blocks, using the point data available in Excel or CSV file. Importing predefined or newly defined blocks automatically while creating drawings. * Optionally Export point data into different layer depending on the point code. * Selectively Auto Connect points in CAD interface. * Reverse Engineer by Exporting CAD drawing as Total station data. The Contour module comes with features like * Importing the points data from Excel, CSV or CAD for Contour generation. * Generating Contours in E SurveyCAD interface or directly within the CAD package at the specified contour interval depending on the Boundary or Scanning Radius. Also generate the Grid Elevations or Block Levels along with contours. * Annotate Contours at Endpoints, Midpoints or selected points of the contour line or annotate the complete contour line at specified interval. * Draw Section for any alignment line drawn on the elevation data in CAD, where the alignment represents a road, canal, pipeline etc. * Generating the Contour Area report and volume at specified contour levels instantly. * Generating Contours for Specific contour levels. * Reverse engineer by generating Grid Elevations from existing contour lines. The Earthwork module comes with features like * Importing data from Excel, CSV or CAD files for Earthwork Calculation and Section Drawings. * Calculate the Optimum Fixed Formation level at which cutting and filling will be nearly equal. * Generating Earthwork calculation with fixed formation level or between two surfaces. * Generating Earthwork calculations for complicated surfaces by importing simple lines defining the 3d surfaces. * Generating interim Earthwork reports during the progress of the projects. * Generating detailed quantity calculation or the Quantity takeoff reports by either using the Triangulation or the Block method. * Generating Earthwork Calculation reports between given Depth of cut or Depth of Fill. ESurvey CAD also comes with some useful tools like Traverse correction, Units convertor, Bulk Plot etc. which are easy to use and saves a lot time.

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ESurvey CAD 5.10 Windows
December 14, 2011

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