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Allows to walk or fly through models using the well-known approach used in computer games.

Accessing the Command

command bar:  navigate

menu bar:  View | Navigate

toolbar:  View |

Quad: General |


: navigate

Prompts you in the command bar:

Flight mode is Off, STEPSIZE=30, STEPSPERSEC=10

>>Press Esc to quit or right click to modify navigation settings.


Hover the mouse cursor over the target location and hold down a navigation key as indicated in the table below. Move the cursor to change the target location.

Command Options




Left Arrow

Move to the left


Up Arrow

Move forward


Down Arrow

Move backward


Right Arrow

Move to the right


Toggles Flight Mode ON/OFF. Flight mode OFF (= Walk Mode) restricts the movements to the XY-plane.

Esc (Escape)

Exits the navigate command.




Hold down the left button and drag

Look around.

Right click

Brings up the Navigation Settings dialog.

The number of steps is saved in the drawing through the STEPSPERSEC system variable.

The size of the steps is saved in the drawing through the STEPSIZE system variable.

The rotation speed is saved in the registry through the RTRotationSpeedFactor user preference.

Related Commands

RtRot - rotates 3D drawings in real-time.

RtWalk - walk left / right and  forward / backward in a 3D scene.













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