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Hides elements of the user interface.

Accessing the Command

command bar:  cleanscreenon

menu bar:  

toolbar:  Standard |

Quad: General | Clean Screen

keyboard: Ctrl + 0 (zero)*


* Do not use the numeric keypad.
On AZERTY-keyboards:  do not press the Shift-key when hitting the number key.


: cleanscreenon

Displays no prompts in the command bar:


Elements in the user interface are hidden according to the current value of the CLEANSCREENOPTIONS system variable:



Command Options



Hide document tabs

The display of document tabs is controlled by the ShowDocTabs user preference.

See Working with document tabs in the User Guide.

Hide dockable panels

The following panels can be docked: Command Bar, BIM Compositions, Content Browser, Layers, Mechanical Browser, Properties Bar, Render Materials, Ribbon, Sheet Sets, Structure, Tool Palettes

See the Dockable Panels topic in the User Guide.

Hide toolbars

Hides all toolbars.

See the Toolbars topic in the User Guide.

Hide ribbon

The display of the ribbon is managed by the RIBBON and RIBBONCLOSE commands.

Hide command line panel

The display of the commandline panel is managed by the COMMANDLINE and COMMANDLINEHIDE commands.

Hide status bar

The STATBAR command toggles the display of the status bar ON/OFF.
The current status of the status bar is saved through the WNDLSTAT system variable.

Hide menu bar

The display of the menu bar is controlled by the MENUBAR system variable.

Related Commands

CleanScreenOff - displays user interface elements that were hidden by the CleanScreenOn command.

CommandLine - displays the command bar.

CommandLineHide - hides the command bar.

Ribbon - displays the ribbon.

RibbonClose - hides the ribbon.

StatBar - toggles the display of the status bar.


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