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Creates an L-connection between minor faces of two solids.

Accessing the Command

command bar:  bimconnect

menu bar:  BIM | Connect

toolbar:  BIM |

Quad: BIM |


: bimconnect

Prompts you in the command bar:

Select walls for connecting: (Select two walls.)

Accept connection <Ok>/Next: (Press Enter to create a bisector L-connection or choose an option.)


L-Connecting walls



L-Connecting roof slabs




Connecting the ridge of roof slabs


Command Options




Hit the Ctrl key to see the next L-connection type.

If TIPS is ON the currently selected connection type is indicated in the Tips widget.

Press Enter to accept the current connection.


Allows to choose between a parallel L-connection:



 or a bisector L-connection:

Press Enter to accept the current connection.



Creating L-Connections

Related Commands

BimDrag - drags major faces of solids while preserving connections with minor faces. Drags minor faces; optionally connects minor faces to major faces of other solids.

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