Linux network license server setup

Install the Bricsys Network License Manager

Download and install the Bricsys Network License Manager on the computer that will be used as network license server.


Download Bricsys Network License Manager (Linux)

  1. Extract Bricsys-NetworkLicenseManager.tgz into any folder (command line: tar xvzf Bricsys-NetworkLicenseManager.tgz).

  2. Start the application rlm in that folder (command line in that folder: ./rlm).

  3. Open a browser at http://localhost:5054.

  4. On that web page, click the System Info button on the left. Copy an ethernet hostid and use this to activate your license on your My Account page on the Bricsys website.

  5. When you download a license file from the Bricsys website, store it in the folder where you extracted Bricsys-NetworkLicenseManager.tgz.

  6. Click the Reread/Restart Servers button.

  7. Click the Status button to see the server status, on the next page click the bricsys button in the table to view Bricsys licenses.

  8. Click the RLM Manual... button  to learn how to configure the license server in detail. Among other things, it is explained on that page how to automatically start rlm when the server boots.

Once the Network license is activated and the server is started, the server is ready to serve licenses.

It is now possible to use the Network license in BricsCAD, on a client computer.

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