Silent Installation (Windows only)

Silent installations are installations that run without a user interface. A normal (non-silent) installation receives the necessary input from the user in the form of responses to dialog boxes. However, a silent installation does not prompt the end user for input.

The user interface of an MSI installer (Microsoft Installer) typically queries the target system and displays an installation wizard (Setup Wizard) which enables the user to change various options that will affect the installation.

The same MSI can also perform a so-called 'quiet mode' or 'silent mode' installation whereby the User Interface of the Setup Wizard gets suppressed. This is done by running the msiexec.exe command-line utility with the /qn option (= quite no interface) and specifying on the command line all the information that the wizard would normally gather. Therefore, any actions that occur within the user interface sequence will not be performed during a 'silent' installation.

To silently perform a BricsCAD installation

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. open a Command Window, then change the directory (cd)  to the location of the BricsCAD installer .msi file.
  3. In the Windows Explorer dialog, browse to the location, then hold down the Shift key, right click and select Open command window here in the context menu.
  1. Type msiexec /i then do one of the following:
  2. type "<BricsCAD installer filename>" (e.g. "BricsCAD-Vxx.x.xx-x-en_US(x64).msi").
  3. drag the BricsCAD installer file from the Windows Explorer dialog onto the command window.
  1. Type  /qn  at the command prompt.
  2. (option) To suppress the adding of a Desktop Shortcut:
  3. (option) To suppress the display of the Release Notes when the installation completes:
  4. (option) To install BricsCAD in a specific folder, different from the default folder:
    add APPLICATIONFOLDER="your_app_folder"
  5. (option) To specify a folder for the license file if any of the properties BRXLICENSEKEY, BRXLICENSEFILE or BRXLICENSESERVER are defined. Default is APPLICATIONFOLDER\BricsCAD.lic.
    add BRXLICENSEDESTFILE="path_to_lic_file" 
  6. (option) To activate the license and store it in the folder specified by BRXLICENSEDESTFILE:
    add BRXLICENSEKEY="your_license_key" 
  7. (option) To copy the license file to the folder specified by BRXLICENSEDESTFILE:
    add BRXLICENSEFILE="your_license_file" 
  8. (option) To create a license file in the folder specified by BRXLICENSEDESTFILE, containing the server host specification:
    add BRXLICENSESERVER="host", or BRXLICENSESERVER="port@host" if your license server is using a different port than the default port, being 5053.
  9. (option on 32 BIT only) To not install VBA:

The complete entry at the command prompt might be: msiexec /i "BricsCAD-Vxx.x.xx-x-en_US(x64).msi"  /qn ADDDESKTOPSHORTCUT="" SHOWRELEASENOTES=""

  1. Press Enter to launch the installation.


  • For more options, type: msiexec /? at the command prompt.

  • On the Microsoft website, you can find more information about the msiexec command.

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