Network license

How to roam with a network license


Before using the following procedure, the network administrator needs first to set up a network license server. The license server must be started and the Network license must be activated on the server.

To use a network license on a client computer

Once the Network license is activated on the license server, the Network license can be used on clients computers.

  1. Do one of the following:

The Activate BricsCAD dialog opens.

  1. Check the Network License option.

  2. Type the host name or IP address of the license server in the Server name or address field.

  1. (Optional) Type the port number in the Port Number field.

  2. If your computer connects to the license server through a proxy server, click the Proxy Settings... button to configure the proxy settings for a network license.

  3. Click the OK button.


To roam a network license on a client computer

A network license can be roamed in order to use BricsCAD without connection to the license server (work outside of the office, at home, ...).


When a network license is used on the client computer, the Roaming... button is displayed in the In the Licensing Information dialog.

  1. Click the Roaming... button.

The Roaming dialog opens.

  1. Enter the number of days you want to checkout the license for roaming, then click the Checkout button
  2. (Optional) Check the check box if you want to automatically refresh the roaming period whenever your computer is connected to the server.

  3. Re-start BricsCAD to apply the changes.



To return a roamed license to the server

If you are connected to the server, a roamed license can be returned to the server.


  1. In the Licensing Information dialog, click the Roaming... button.

The Roaming dialog opens.

  1. Click the Checkin button
  2. Re-start BricsCAD to apply the changes.


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