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The lasses who created BIMify

The lasses who created BIMify

Who are Elise Lapeirre and Chloë Guidi? Outside of work Elise fosters kittens and Chloë spends her free time globe trotting. Their role inside Bricsys? Well, they are the duo that created BIMIFY for BricsCAD BIM of course! The ultimate tool to make your journey from BricsCAD Shape to BricsCAD BIM effortless. Last week we looked at Shape. This week I got the opportunity to sit down and find out what it took to take BIMIFY from concept to reality.

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What's it like working together?

Elise and Chloë actually started on the same day! When asked if they still got along they looked at each other and giggled. "Yes...sometimes" said Chloë laughing.

What is BIMIFY?

With one single click a lot of BIM information is added- Elise

It's a tool that uses machine learning to analyze the whole drawing and automatically add BIM dataBIMIFY detects; the classification of 3D Solids and block references, rooms, external walls, spatial locations (buildings & floors), profiles. BIMIFY also creates new custom profiles and adds them to the project's library if it doesn't find them in the standard library. It even automatically generates sections. The list goes on and on...

The lasses who created BIMify-

It's hard to believe, but this is in real time!

What was the design process?

At the beginning of the project Chloë and another member of the development team (Sander Valcke) started work on BIMIFY. In 2017 Elise took over, improving the classification algorithm and with help from Chloë, added all the features that make BIMIFY the must-have tool for architects.

Originally, the command just classified solids. After they were happy with this, they looked at how they could develop the tool further and maximize its usefulness.

Where is BIMify going in the future?

BIMIFY isn't finished yet! They hope to extend the tool to classify more BIM elements, so stay tuned!

Want to try BIMIFY?

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