Sheet Metal - New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20

By Rose Barfield 4 min November 12, 2019

BricsCAD Mechanical V20 is the must-have CAD sheet metal program. New features include tabbed junctions and hem functionality. Plus there are improvements to sheet metal unfolding, export and split capabilities.

Tabbed Junctions -- new for V20

SMTABCREATE creates tabbed junctions on sheet metal parts by converting an existing junction into a tab junction. You can create a single tab or an array tab join.

Sheet Metal - New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20- single tab. 1gif

With a Single Tab you can:

  • Change the length of the tab
  • Adjust the position of the tab by moving the central point.

You can adjust both these using dynamic input fields or by inputting the value manually. The selected face will dictate the location of the tab.

Sheet Metal - New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20- tabs 2

With Array Tab you have more options:

  • Fliped Tab Direction of the tabs. You can also hit Ctrl.
  • slot Number The number of tabs
  • Distance Adjusts the distance between tabs.
  • Length Adjusts the length of the tabs.
  • Round radius Creates a filleted tab with a given fillet radius.
  • Chamfer distance Creates a chamfered tab with a given chamfer parameter.

Note: The correct sequence for the creation of sheet metal is as follows:

  1. Create a solid body
  2. Shell (SOLIDEDIT -- Body -- Shell)
  3. Convert to sheet metal (SMCONVERT)
  4. Create reliefs (SMRELIEFCREATE)
  5. Create junctions for hard edges (SMJUNCTIONCREATE)
  6. Begin tab and slot creation (SMTABCREATE)

Hemmed edges -- New for V20

SMHEMCREATE creates different types of hem features for sheet metal. Choose from Closed, Open, Teardrop or Round.

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Both the radius and the width of the hem are adjustable. You also have the option to follow the edge of the sheet metal or maintain a 90° angle.

Sheet Metal - New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20- hem styles-1024x589

Various types of sheet metal hem in BricsCAD Mechanical. Left to right: Round, Teardrop, open Hem, closed Hem

You can create multiple hems at the same time and BricsCAD will calculate where the hems will meet. Clever stuff!

Sheet Metal - New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20- multiple hem 2

Smarter split -- New for V20

SMSPLIT (smart split) automatically detects which the face to split. If it is not immediately clear the UCS associated with the required face is used. Automatically detect other, similar split locations by using the Propagate option.

Sheet Metal - New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20- split 2

Propagate suggestions on a sheet metal split, pretty cool right?


SMFLANGECONTOUR automatically creates a flange from a closed contour and links it to an existing sheet metal flange as demonstrated below.

Sheet Metal - New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20- smflangecontor 2

Unfolded views

You can now place an unfolded view (with all annotations) into a Paper space view using new options in the VIEWBASE and SMUNFOLD commands.

Bend table information is now automatically added to the attributes layer of the unfolded part's .dxf file.


SMJUNCTIONCREATE is now even smarter. It now works on curved hard edges bends or lofts. This means you can make some incredibly complex sheet metal shapes! It can also be used to remove tabs at junctions.

Export improvements

SMASSEMBLYEXPORT has been greatly improved. I don't have space to write about it all here, so be sure to check the BricsCAD V20 release notes for full details.

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Rose Barfield

by Rose Barfield - CAD User Experience & Interface Design Specialist

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Rose is responsible for taking user feedback and improving the BricsCAD product. Before coming to BricsCAD, she was a CAD user and worked in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense industries as a Technical Illustrator. She loves finding out how things work, taking them apart, and (hopefully) putting them back together again.

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