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Find Outliers in BricsCAD® Pro - Working Smarter with BricsCAD

By The Bricsys Team 3 min May 25, 2023
Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro (2).png

We have made it easier to find outliers in BricsCAD Pro V23.2 and enhanced the FINDOUTLIERS command - let's catch you up!

Valid region

This example begins with a land surveying DWG file – the 2D results of a scanned terrain. We want to place all the geometry around the origin to clean up the drawing.

Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro - Image 1

Navigate to the Manage Tab in the ribbon and launch the FINDOUTLIERS command.

Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro

Tip! The tips panel provides you with some handy tips and tricks about how to use the FINDOUTLIERS command.

Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro - Image 2

Specify a valid region.

Most of the geometry in this file is far from the valid region around the origin. If needed, change the valid region.

Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro - Far away geometry

Inspecting Outliers

When you are happy with the valid region, you can inspect the outliers.
You can view outliers in the list view, where they are grouped into clusters.

In this example, you can see three clusters of outliers and one individual outlier. The bulk of this model consists of about 13,000 outliers, so you need to move this around the model's origin – which you can do with a single click.

Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro - list view

Use the move function to move these outliers into the valid region.

Use the zoom function to inspect any remaining individual outliers.

Remove irrelevant outliers as needed.


For this example, you can see a group of geometry relevant to the model, so you need to move it to the origin.

Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro - relevant geometry

You can manually move this geometry to the origin by choosing where to move the objects.

Find Outliers in BricsCAD Pro - move manually

Once you are happy with the configuration, you can end the commands.

And that's it – you have centered all geometry around the origin in just a few clicks!

Watch the video!

Check out the YouTube walkthrough to watch the FINDOUTLIERS command in action!

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