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Bricsys Digital Summit: Explore the highlights and hear about the CAD innovations to Build Better

By Christopher Edmunds 5 min November 1, 2022
Bricsys Digital Summit: Explore the highlights and hear about the innovations to help you Build Better

Bricsys Digital Summit keynotes on the main stage

Digital technologies are transforming our design and modeling collaborations, and Bricsys presented our vision to democratize CAD.based solutions through powerful, intuitive and interoperable tools, with more flexible licensing. And the audience also got to explore the latest automations in our cloud CDE for AEC and Construction, Bricsys 24/7. This was the backdrop for the Bricsys Digital Summit 2022.

Democratize technology today and in the future

The Bricsys teams, coming to Belgium from around our global operations, explored how we are harnessing the power of AI, cloud technologies and CAD-based modeling to offer greater capability and compatibility for architects, engineers, designers and modeling specialist, manufacturers, and constructors.

Rahul Kejriwal, CEO at Bricsys

The Summit launched with a keynote session from Rahul Kejriwal, CEO at Bricsys. He opened by highlighting Bricys' roots in Belgium and our mission to give users the best CAD and collaboration software.

We all know the story of Bricsys started right here, in Ghent, our home, exactly 20 years ago. Ghent is also home to one of Europe’s best universities and feels like a place where people are fuelled with optimism to make things better.  This optimism inspires Bricsys’ own motto ‘Build Better’

Rahul went on to present Bricsys’ vision to deliver the most accessible design, modeling and collaboration software tools for AEC, engineering and manufacturing.

He spoke out against the inflexible and high-cost licensing models for CAD software, negatively impacting digital adoption in the Construction sectors particularly, and said,

Bricsys will never trap your data in walled gardens ... we will offer new and flexible business models to serve users who need the best, most accessible design, modelling and collaboration software.

Leading the way with autonomous and sustainable solutions

 Thomas Harring, President, Hexagon Geosystems

We also welcomed Thomas Harring, President, Hexagon Geosystems to the stage to give our audience more insights into the capabilities of combining Bricsys' family of CAD-based products with Hexagon's portfolio of Civil and AEC solutions.

Thomas introduced Hexagon’s solutions for an autonomous and sustainable Building and Infrastructure sector. And went on to show how Hexagon’s state-of-the-art technology and domain expertise is putting data to work to build Smart Digital Realities for the AEC and Civil sectors to innovate.

It was good to hear more about how Bricsys and Hexagon collaborate to offer interoperable solutions, highlighting how Bricsys has the best of both worlds – operating as an agile technology business, with the freedom to innovate and push boundaries – and with the ongoing backing from a strong global group.

Guiding principles to Build Better

Jan Syssauw, Senior Director, BricsCAD and Jens Akkermans, Director, Bricsys 24/7

The next three keynotes on the main stage came from: Cathi Hayes, Vice President, Go-to-Market, Jan Syssauw, Senior Director, BricsCAD and Jens Akkermans, Director, Bricsys 24/7. They set out Bricsys' vision and product strategies to build the new BricsCAD Version 23 and update Bricsys 24/7.

And each explored the use of innovative technologies, and showed how four principles guide our teams to develop intuitive, interoperable and open solutions for users.

From Cathi, the audience heard how we use the four principles to build better products, which deliver the solutions and tools users need across their diverse professions and design workflows.

  • Challenge the status quo through CAD-based innovation
  • Intuitive to use, learn and adopt
  • Harness new technology to super-charge productivity
  • Interoperable and open

Digital adoption and agile: Reduce risk, improve delivery and strengthen margins

Cathi Hayes, Vice President, Go-to-Market

Cathi also reviewed the challenges for the AEC and manufacturing sectors, and she presents Bricsys’ innovative spirit to build Version 23 to increase productivity and creativity. Cathi shared the future with Bricsys, where digitalization can reduce risk, improve delivery and strengthen margins in your sector.

Jan took to the main stage for his keynote to present the development team's innovative use of technology across the whole BricsCAD product family. He showed how Bricsys' DWD-based CAD solutions offer powerful capability and compatibility in 2D, 3D modeling and BIM workflows. The audience also heard why all Bricsys solutions offer an amazing user-experience and open and interoperable CAD-based workflows.

Jan Syssauw, Senior Director, BricsCAD - Jens Akkermans, Director, Bricsys 24/7

We then heard Jens' review of Bricsys 24/7, our CDE platform for AEC and Construction businesses and professionals. He spoke about how Bricsys 24/7 gives professions and building owners in the Building and Civil sectors the perfect CDE platform to have the right data, in the right hands, at the right time. He explained how this updated Bricsys 24/7 will further liberate professionals from working in their data silos. The updated features include more automation for metadata processes and the enhanced panel.

We’ll be back next time with more highlights from the Bricsys Digital Summit.

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