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BIM software
for everyone

Your perfect BIM workflow


Create your concepts in 3D and move to BIM automatically

Add data

Enjoy continuous LOD with the power of AI


Automate drawing creation, detail with the best 2D tools


Supporting IFC 4.0 and BCF for seamless collaboration


Central solid modeler

Automate parametrics

Add data

Central data management


Create Deliverables


Construction drawings


Backwards file compatability

Open your file in the latest version

Capture your ideas immediately as a 3D design

Sculpt your ideas in solids from the start. Experience the power of free-form modeling with full CAD accuracy.

  • Easy wall creation
  • Smart modeling tools
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Profiles

Model your way to continuous LOD

A model with a high LOD gives you one single source of truth with the right quantity take-offs and more accurate data.

Propagate (copy detail)

Use artificial intelligence to help you automatically replicate details throughout your BIM.

AI-aided BIM tools


Turn your design concept into a full BIM in an instant using machine learning to automatically classify building elements.

Automated sections

Easy Drawing Generation automatically created from your 3D model. Update the model, and all sheets update in sync.

Why BIM?

Why BricsCAD BIM is better BIM

The traditional approach to Building Information Modeling is passé. Learn how Bricsys offers a modern approach that leads with design, and delivers consistent LOD through the use of A.I. workflows.

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BricsCAD powers an ecosystem of hundreds market-specific
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