TecnoMETAL Subscription 

B.I.M. Software for modelling 3d steel structure. From the model, information for production, CAM/NC file, material list, sketches, 2d drawing can be extracted automatically.

  • Software BIM for steel structure
  • No limits of feasible structures, a single version for a thousand solutions
  • Workshop Sketches, Views, 2d drawings, material lists, welding, automatic profiles cutting
  • CAM/NC files for sending information to CNC machines
  • Database with elements and Macro procedures to speed up the work that can be implemented by designer


TecnoMETAL SUBSCRIPTION is a software dedicated to the BIM design of steel structures and structural verification. TecnoMETAL allows to insert typical elements of the steel structure and of the carpentry design with the use of macro procedures that guide the designer of the realization of the 3D structures. Inside the program there are macro procedures for the automatic creation of: lattices, stairs and handrails, connections and base plates, decks, towers, bracings, purlins, bridges, gratings, portals, piping supports, oil & gas. From the model of the structure realized according to the B.I.M. design method you can obtain automatically: - verification of interferences and collisions - bills of materials and weld list - production drawings, 2d of the single elements, table of connections, assembly views - CAM/NC file to send information to CNC machines - the printing of the workshop sketches The models created can be exported in IFC format to share with mechanical software such as Inventor or Solidworks, with Piping software such as Cadwordk or Esapro, or with architectural or general software such as Revit and Naviswork. TecnoMETAL contains within it a part which can be customized by the user with the possibility to define: - title blocks, bills of materials, tables - database of profiles, with the possibility of inserting custom profiles - bolt database, with customization of tolerance for drilling - automatic extraction styles of the model, with the possibility to define for each style the extraction view, the types and dimensions of the lines and the dimensioning of the elements TecnoMETAL also includes some generic utilities such as: - transformation in dfx of the inserted plates - sheet metal nesting - management of the production of the model - creation of the list of necessary works with indication of the cost Finally, with the communication with TecnoCAM it is possible to identify the elements of the model that have been created and brought to the construction site and the parts still to be produced. Finally, it is possible to have a connection with the stock and verify the situation before creating a structure.

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TecnoMETAL Subscription  TecnoMETAL 2020
BricsCAD Pro V17 - V19
windows 7, 8.1, 10 32 e 64 bit
August 3, 2018

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