ProDOK NG - So what is it? ProDOK NG is the I&C CAE system for the planning and operational support of I&C installations. Wherever ProDOK NG is used, rational, consistent project planning and consistent documentation are guaranteed. ProDOK NG ensures an integrated planning process with unified rules.

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The scope of ProDOK NG‘s functions comprehensively fulfills the requirements of I&C project engineers for the project phases of basic planning, function planning, realization planning and installation planning - whether the planning of new projects, alterations or extensions is concerned - and provides optimal support in the operative phase. BrisCAD is need for generating the LogicDiagrams and Loop Diagrams. Functions Process Engineering Quick and easy creation of P&I diagramms The P&ID module simplifies the project planning, documentation and administration of process-related elements in your process automation projects. Process Data Import process data from P&IDs, Excel or … Plan the instrumentation while PD dept. continuous to work on project Import process data to BASIC engineering and compare and highlight automatically differences between PD and I&C data Print process data sheets Revisionssicherer Datenimport ProDOK NG NG ist ein modernes PLT-CAE-System mit standardisierten Schnittstellen für einen intelligenten Datenimport. Die Realität der Prozessindustrie ist heterogen und somit sind es auch die Softwarelösungen. Mit Hilfe von ProDOK NG NG beseitigen Sie die Kommunikationsbarrieren in der heterogenen Systemlandschaft. Ein großes Augenmerk liegt dabei auf dem revisionssicheren Datenaustausch gemäß IEC 62424. Bei Planung, Bau und Inbetriebnahme einer Anlage sind in der Regel sehr viele verschiedene Software-Tools im Einsatz. Alle liefern im gesamten Planungsablauf für die Dokumentation relevante Daten, die dem PLT-CAE-System übergeben werden müssen. Instrument & Loop index Define loops and specify devices Relate process data with devices Get an overview of all instrument-relevant data Create, copy, delete data easily and follow changes by revision tracking Use table mode for queries and bulk edit operations Print instrument lists easily Spec sheets Get an overview of all device-related data Use pre-configured specs from the library or create your own ones Data derives from Instrument Index Hook Ups Add hook up drawings and define material lists to improve assembly process Print material lists for single hook-ups or a summary of loops IS certificates Use IS certificates from master data or create new ones inside a project Assign various ex-data to one device type Calculate cable lengths and create IS certificates by linking-up two certificates of conformity Maintain the certificates of conformity with amendments and different designations, independently of the standard device type Print-out the certificates as a PDF Administration Tools Organize your work in PRODOK with User administration Project administration Project backup Project conversion Electrical Engineering ProDOK NG electrical engineering module simplifies your planning, documentation and administration of electrical elements in process automation engineering. Increase the quality, reliability and efficiency of your electrical engineering planning. Save time and costs at the same time. Periodic inspections Manage all documents which are required for periodic inspections Define test criteria and testing scenarios in terms of devices, authorities responsible for the inspection, and freely-definable intervals Generate inspection sheets and manage the inspection results Position the objects to be inspected in a three-level hierarchy tree Attach required inspection sheets and inspection results to an inspection object Cross-reference from several structural levels to an object, thus e.g. assigning several safety functions to one actuator Logic Diagrams Create system-neutral logic diagrams quickly and easily Ensure data accuracy through bi-directional communication between logic diagram and BASIC engineering modules Benefit of extensive symbol library or create your own symbols easily with placeholder functions Wiring Organize and plan the DETAIL infrastructure of your project Use automatic wiring and cross-wiring functions to accelerate plant design Generate: Cable lists Terminal lists Junction box schedules I/O lists Cabinet Layouts … Loop Diagrams Graphical editing of loop diagrams with a powerful loop diagram editor Bi-directional communication with the PRODOK module DETAIL Engineering Creation of loop diagrams with typicals, macros, symbols, logical connections and free graphics Master Data Provides you with large libraries of Symbols & templates Preconfigured reports Device configurations All in ISA and DIN standard Document administration Manage, preview and print your plant documentation Import free documents to your project Include 200+ file formats in your documentation with MultiView Export your complete documentation in an MS Office or CAD format or print it into an electronic WebDoku ProDOK NG - NE 100 Standardized criteria for I&C device specifications Schema for electronic data transfer NE 100 is published by PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL Why select ProDOK NG Fullfils all requirements of I&C engineers Used by EPCs and Owners/Operators Easy to use, flexible, cost efficient Ready to use out-of-the-box Low customization effort Sucessfully used by international companies for many years Wide base of installations in I&C area Continuously developed for more than 20 years Outstanding excellent support Your Advantage Time Save up to 30% of your engineering time Shorten time to market Save up to 50% of quality management time Reduce trouble shooting time Save time for change management Easy integration in existing IT environment Cost Reduce man power per project Reduce cost of commissioning Reduce instrumentation expenses Use standardized documents and procedures Easy document review Short time for implementation ProDOK NG for Owners/Operators Supports the complete plant life cycle, from design & engineering to operations & maintenance Enable all users to access consistent, current information from a single data source Enforce engineering standards Keep plant information up-to-date Plan plant expansions or DCS modernizations Better schedule plant shutdowns & maintenance operations Improve plant uptime, safety & compliance Exchange data with suppliers, saving time & increasing data quality and compare offers electronically



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ProDOK NG  V9.0.0
BricsCAD Lite V15 - V17

ProDOK NG  V9.0.0
BricsCAD Platinum V15 - V17

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