BricsCAD InPower 

BricsCAD InPower Electrical Engineering Tools, Newton Raphson Power Flow, Short Circuit Analysis, Arc Flash Incident Energy Calculations.

  • Newton Raphson Power Flow
  • Short Circuit Calculations
  • Arc Flash Incident Energy Calculations
  • Relay Coordination
  • Voltage Drop


BricsCAD InPower is a tool kit for electrical power engineers running the Linux operating system. The system base and one line is generated in BricsCAD. Blocks are added as needed to complete the power system one line. Block attributes are edited to match the system electrical equipment. When the one line is complete, the power system is loaded into the InPower toolkit external library using the custom toolbar. The toolbar includes new BricsCAD commands. Commands: Load, Newton Raphson Power Flow, 3 phase short circuit, protective device operation times, arc flash with labels, line to ground short circuit, line to line short circuit and double line to ground short circuit. Uses for BricsCAD InPower include, power flow, line voltage drops, short circuit studies, relay, breaker and fuse coordination studies, arc flash incident energy studies based on IEEE 1584. Complex power systems with buses up to 300 can be simulated. Thevinin equivalents can be used to expand to larger networks. Advantages to BricsCAD InPower: BricsCAD InPower is an incredible time saver as the BricsCAD drafting tool is moved forward in the electrical engineering work flow process. Traditional engineering software is bypassed and the power system model is built directly in the BricsCAD software saving significant drafting time. Coordination between drafting and engineering is significantly reduced. Another huge advantage to using BicsCAD InPower is the power of BricsCAD. BricsCAD was chosen as a graphical front end for InPower due to the infinite graphical display flexibility. The power system one line can be drawn in any graphics standard needed. No limitations or tortuous clunky graphical user interfaces need be used. Just standard BricsCAD commands are used to create and simulate the power system.

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BricsCAD InPower

BricsCAD InPower Electrical Power System Simulation Software

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BricsCAD InPower  Version 0.97.37
BricsCAD Pro V20
Linux 64 Bit Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop
September 2, 2021

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