ARTISAN for BricsCAD V17 is now here! Give yourself that creative edge; visualise your models in Artisan, the easy-to-use application for BricsCAD users.

  • Integration with BricsCAD means geometry is easily updated
  • Photorealistic image creation using global illumination, HDR reflections and lighting
  • High quality real-time navigation
  • Preset materials, lighting and backgrounds
  • Drag and drop interface


Artisan fuels creativity within your CAD design process; it’s the must-have rendering application for designers that change their mind more than their socks. Create unlimited variations of your designs in Artisan with just a few clicks, and then render them all or just your favourites. You'll save time too, as there's no need to import and export your models; Artisan connects directly with BricsCAD. Best of all Artisan’s affordable, so you’ll be able to create impressive designs that land you that important client without breaking the bank. Creating great images is easy With parameters pre-set and no complex settings to slow you down, creating great images in Artisan is easy. Why spend valuable time studying to use an application, when you could be designing with it straight away? With Artisan you can start creating great images of your models from your first use; with the parameters already set-up for you and no complex settings to slow you down you’ll be rendering like a pro within minutes. Why Import and Export? Access Artisan directly from BricsCAD There's no need to import and export your models as Artisan does that for you. Once connected the Artisan button will appear in your CAD system; simply click the button and the model will automatically load in Artisan and you can start visualising straight away. Plus, with this handy feature, it is much easier to visualise your model at every stage of the design process; move back and forth between your CAD system and Artisan with no fuss. Just another way to make your working day easier with Artisan, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it! Rendering is effortless with SnapShots The unique Artisan SnapShots function lets you capture all of your ideas with a click of a button. It really is that simple; create more variations than you’ve had hot dinners. Change your wall from brown to grey to terracotta bricks, clicking the SnapShot button after each change; Artisan will save these SnapShots and then you only have to render your favourites later. SnapShots let you experiment with your designs, and record your on-the-spot design changes easily; you’ll never have to repeat a design as you can revisit the SnapShot and continue working with no delays. Let’s face it we all know that saving time means saving money. Find the best angle with real-time navigation Move around your model in Artisan to see it from every angle. They say that a picture paints a thousand words, well what if that picture was 3D and could be viewed from every angle? Artisan lets you view your model from every angle in real-time; it’s great for prototyping as you’ll get a good idea of how your rendered model will look, before you have to click the render button. You can even move inside your model, as well as around, so you can see the interior and exterior of the house you’re designing and capture the best angles using SnapShots. Designing is simple with Artisan's material libraries Let your creative juices flow with our material, lighting and background libraries. No matter what you’re designing Artisan’s so flexible that you can visualise whatever ideas spring to mind. Whether you’re visualising a house exterior or interior, or a product of any size you’ll have all the materials, lighting schemes and backgrounds to get you started; you can even add your own materials and backgrounds, so you can show your client exactly how that leopard print sofa will work in their new living room. We're multilingual ... Hello, Bonjour, Guttentag Artisan’s available in ten languages. We understand that sometimes you won’t understand. That’s why we’ve translated Artisan into eleven languages, to make your user experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Artisan works in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Italian. So no matter where you are in the world, we’re keen to make Artisan work for you. TRY IT FOR FREE You can download and try the fully functional version of Artisan free-of-charge. All images created with this version are overlaid with a watermark which is removed when you purchase Artisan. Click the Download button and try it today! Installation BricsCAD must be installed. Download and install Artisan, ensuring that BricsCAD is not running while installing. After installation, run BricsCAD and load a model. The first time you want to run Artisan type 'artisan' in the BricsCAD command window. This will place the Artisan buttons onto your toolbar.

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Artisan for BricsCAD

Installer for the complete version of Artisan for BricsCAD, complete with a large library of materials, backgrounds, and lighting. This version is the fully functional product, but will render images with watermarks unless supplied with a license key (available from the store).

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ARTISAN For BricsCAD ARTISAN for BricsCAD V17 64-bit Windows
ARTISAN For BricsCAD ARTISAN for BricsCAD V17 32-bit Windows
ARTISAN For BricsCAD ARTISAN for BricsCAD V16 64-bit Windows
ARTISAN For BricsCAD ARTISAN for BricsCAD V16 32-bit Windows
April 7, 2014

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