Parabuild is a complete detailing package for drawing parametric 3D models of steel structures. Parabuild uses the 3D model to automatically generate documentation such as Workshop drawings, Bills of materials, and CNC files. The unmatched approach to user input makes it very easy to learn and use. Parabuild stands for: Easy and intuitive user interface, Quick to learn, Time-saving, Expandable without programming.

  • Parametric 3D modeling, Context modeling
  • Complete BIM solution
  • Automatic output based on the 3D model : Workshop drawings, Bill of materials and CNC files
  • Easy to create General Arrangement drawings that can update automatically after a change to the 3D model
  • Short learning curve : productivity ASAP


FAST AND INTUITIVE MODELING For easily adding individual subparts or frame elements such as beams, columns, girders, struts, joists, purlins; use the Model Center for maximum productivity. Move the cursor around and Parabuild proposes sensible solutions in real time based on cursor location, available members and other context. The new element is automatically constrained to the nearby members or to the grid. EASILY CONNECT MEMBERS Parabuild has a library of hundreds of standard connections. Add connections by selecting the members and Parabuild proposes only valid connections for that situation. The connection is immediately drawn and any changes made are shown instantly on the 3D model. USER-DEFINED CONNECTIONS Every single standard connection was created using tools that are available to all drafters, without programming a single line of code. This was done by using simple constraints on members and parts inside template drawings, which means you can create your own connections! User made connections are integrated with the existing connection system for easy re-use in all your projects. GEOMETRIC CONSTRAINTS Parabuild is the only structural steel detailing software that allows fully constrained structures. Connections and macros can be constrained in template drawings and re-used in any project. That includes whole structures, trusses, wind bracing, cladding, stairs, … This means it is possible to customize Parabuild without hiring a programmer or writing any code. COMPLETELY INTEGRATED IN AUTOCAD & BRICSCAD Most drafters are already familiar with AutoCAD or BricsCAD, which reduces training investment. Parabuild’s structural objects can be modified through the standard commands or using the Object Property Manager, all Parabuild objects are integrated as if they are native AutoCAD/BricsCAD objects. COLLISION DETECTION Parabuild will automatically detect any collision between parts and show it on the screen. Bolt clearance and hole to edge/hole to hole distances are checked as well. AUTOMATED GENERATION OF WORKSHOP DRAWINGS Parabuild generates quality 2D part and assembly drawings directly from the 3D model. Dimensions are automatically added and AI technology ensures readable placement for the dimensions. EASILY CREATE GENERAL ARRANGEMENT DRAWINGS Use the 3D model to create GA drawings; anchor bolt plans, side views, floor plans, 3D views, sections, … GENERATE BILL OF MATERIALS Generate any type of BOM in formats Excel, Parabuild spreadsheet or text file. Customize titles, columns, totals, etc… CNC OUTPUT Generate NC files at the click of a button. DSTV files for plates and members, DXF files for plates. AUTOMATIC NUMBERING Equal parts and assemblies are automatically recognized and assigned part and assembly numbers.

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Parabuild LT Regular

Limited to 1250 parts per drawing. Profiles, plates, volumes and bolt patterns are counted.

2,093.61 USD excl. VAT
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Parabuild LT Max

Limited to 2500 parts per drawing. Profiles, plates, volumes and bolt patterns are counted.

3,195.51 USD excl. VAT
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Parabuild Full

Unlimited number of parts per drawing.

5,399.31 USD excl. VAT
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  • Consumer and data protection
Parabuild  30-Day Trial of Parabuild version 6
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February 13, 2017

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