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Copy /paste wrong scaleStefaan Coddé112013-11-22
by Knut Hohenberg
Who is in my drawing? READ-ONLY / Show USERNAME?Gary Sihota02013-11-22
by Gary Sihota
Simple inset box - 2d ConstraintJoe Dunfee42013-11-21
by Joe Dunfee
Break circle without deleting arc?Jim Canale82013-11-20
by Anthony Apostolaros
Advanced Road DesignBrian Oberdorf82013-11-20
by Andrew English
ObjectID when converting plyline to regionJiri Mares12013-11-19
by Jiri Mares
Upgrading to V14Albert Ang72013-11-19
by Albert Ang
Difficulty with web store...Greg Skelhorn22013-11-18
by Greg Skelhorn
BricsCAD V14 manualAlbert Ang22013-11-18
by Albert Ang
problem - Setting the UCS to WCS does not workValentin Lishkov42013-11-17
by Valentin Lishkov
tools - distance between crossing lines in 3d spaceValentin Lishkov12013-11-17
by Valentin Lishkov
I need some coaching for 3D constraintsJoe Dunfee02013-11-15
by Joe Dunfee
Api for Sheet MetalValentin Lishkov92013-11-15
by Valentin Lishkov
Annotative: How to create (m)text entities with multiple anno scales?Roy Klein Gebbinck32013-11-15
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Annotative: Confusing issue when ANNOALLVISIBLE=ON.Roy Klein Gebbinck22013-11-15
by John Gaunt
Work arounds for PDF exports bugs?Joe Dunfee152013-11-14
by Joe Dunfee
V14 PDF export - Page orientationJoe Dunfee82013-11-13
by Joe Dunfee
Sheet Metal scripts for AutoCAD and BricsCAD (command: script )Valentin Lishkov02013-11-13
by Valentin Lishkov
How to change qty. of decimals in properties and more?Svend Nielsen32013-11-13
by Svend Nielsen
Mesh to solid?Jim Canale02013-11-12
by Jim Canale
Valentin LishkovValentin Lishkov02013-11-12
by Valentin Lishkov
Testing of BricsCAD (GUI)Marc Seefeldt62013-11-12
by Valentin Lishkov
DocumentManager.IsApplicationContext not available in .net api, alternatives?James Maeding22013-11-12
by Valentin Lishkov
Documentation API BricscadGuilherme Badiali42013-11-12
by Valentin Lishkov
Building for both: Bricscad .NET API and Autocad .NET APIHans Märki52013-11-12
by Valentin Lishkov
Bricscad .NET API and Autocad .NET APIMiladin Radovic32013-11-12
by Valentin Lishkov
V14 insert blocksJohn Gaunt22013-11-12
by John Gaunt
Multileader system variablesdoug lawrence42013-11-11
by Scott McKenzie
V14.1.02 Entity Snap MarkersRob Phillips62013-11-11
by Rob Phillips
V13 Express Tools help in English?Tim Neumann12013-11-11
by Martin Drese

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