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Constraints on a simple rectangleJoe Dunfee72014-06-02
by Joe Dunfee
Spell CheckingScott McKenzie32014-06-02
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Requesting feature: Viewport Maximize (VPMax)Rawles Roberts III02014-06-02
by Rawles Roberts III
Single Line Text CursorPhillip Rutledge52014-06-02
by Phillip Rutledge
ACIS import and export no longer supported under V14 without CommunicatorJim Canale32014-06-02
by Jim Canale
Piping isometric add-on?Tim Neumann92014-05-30
by Tim Neumann
How to represent threaded holes in a 3D model?Jim Canale192014-05-30
by Konstantin Sakellaris
Dynamic BlocksPeter Scott72014-05-29
by Joe Dunfee
Extruding a solid to another solid/surface - V14 or beyond?Tim Neumann212014-05-23
by Knut Hohenberg
Tools on the paletteDan Potyraj12014-05-23
by Joe Dunfee
How to create OLE objects in BricsCAD v14Humpty Calderon12014-05-23
by Joe Dunfee
Plotting with Plot StylesGary Steele42014-05-21
by Gary Steele
Annotative blocksDan Potyraj52014-05-21
by Dan Potyraj
Display line properties while drawingBen Morse52014-05-21
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Strategy for dividing a drawing out into x-refsJoe Dunfee22014-05-21
by Joe Dunfee
2D length from 3D polyline?Florian Lippold52014-05-21
by Knut Hohenberg
.net LayerFilterMarek Falta42014-05-21
by Konstantin Sakellaris
Bricscad V14Christian Köhler12014-05-21
by Torsten Moses
Dimensions: Paper Space or Model SpaceScott McKenzie232014-05-20
by Joe Dunfee
Copy and paste from other open drawingsJim Canale42014-05-19
by Jim Canale
Communicator (3D PDF) Trial?George Anton02014-05-19
by George Anton
Combining multiple dxf files into one dxf or dwg file....Jeremy Cedotal42014-05-19
by Jeremy Cedotal
Seeking advice on monitor adjustmentJoe Dunfee12014-05-16
by H Martin Shoemaker
Multi-Line - Extend/Trim, Entity dimensionRob Phillips02014-05-16
by Rob Phillips
When will Bricsys end XP 32 bit support.Stefaan Coddé02014-05-16
by Stefaan Coddé
Slide LibraryPaul Baxter12014-05-15
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Simple Text to MText routineRichard Sands82014-05-12
by Jay Petersen
Bricscad has dynamic blocks?Antonio Díaz Sánchez182014-05-12
by Donald Broussard
Text Background Mask - resizingDenis Bowden102014-05-12
by Alexander Van Heuverzwyn
Font recommendation like Romans, but with serifs on upper-case I.Joe Dunfee182014-05-11
by Patrik Sparrman

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