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Sorting sheet sets XML filesJoe Dunfee182014-09-01
by Daniel Eiszele
OpenDCLPeter Görlich02014-09-01
by Peter Görlich
Equivalent to Bcount and Tabbed DrawingsEthan Murray122014-08-30
by Jason Bourhill
How to get the BRX SDKlin lin152014-08-30
by Vinit Shukla
Block Replace .lspErik Peterson12014-08-29
by Erik Peterson
Selecting dimension objects by dimension style?Joe Dunfee52014-08-29
by Louis Verdonck
DLL error on loading VBA projectGerrit Kiers12014-08-29
by Gerrit Kiers
BricsCAD v14 - Minimum Citrix Version?Chris Malcolm12014-08-28
by Jason Bourhill
SWEEPX, LOFTX, SSBS (SliceSolidBySurface) commands to SWEEP,LOFT Solids+Surfaces, Slice Solids by Surface for Bricscad V12 now available !Konstantin Sakellaris1002014-08-27
by Dennis Fogg
Drag a drawing (not a block) from the Drawing Explorer into an open drawingDavid Waight22014-08-26
by David Waight
{] eNoDatabase errorPeter White42014-08-26
by Daniel Marcotte
Model Views covering Model ViewsJoe Dunfee42014-08-25
by Joe Dunfee
Open dwg file on errorlee boongan02014-08-25
by lee boongan
2 small settings questionsBill Mays42014-08-24
by Jason Bourhill
Lisp encrypt tool with ver 11...securityJames Maeding162014-08-22
by Torsten Moses
Cant get text along arc to work properlyJoe Dunfee32014-08-20
by Bruce Fillmore
Optimal Hardware for BricscadEric Fredrickson182014-08-20
by Dik Coates
Looking for parametric design program with a web interfaceJoe Dunfee02014-08-18
by Joe Dunfee
Recommended Books?Bill Mays82014-08-18
by Bill Mays
Using sheet sets and fields to put page numbersJoe Dunfee102014-08-17
by Tom Polak
Purging un-pergable layersJoe Dunfee182014-08-17
by Dik Coates
Mtext ProblemDik Coates22014-08-17
by Dik Coates
Converting DWF to any other formatBrian Oberdorf32014-08-16
by Robt Deans
Purging nested dataPhillip Rutledge12014-08-15
by Bruce Fillmore
centre of gravityDirk Van Thienen02014-08-15
by Dirk Van Thienen
Metal Building Draftsmen NeededJeremy Cedotal32014-08-15
by Jeremy Cedotal
Osnap MagnetMal Panton222014-08-15
by Knut Hohenberg
Joining linear elementsIlker Güler02014-08-14
by Ilker Güler
BricsCAD v15 WishlistS G542014-08-14
by Steven Cobden
From SnapScott McKenzie142014-08-13
by Scott McKenzie

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