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Cannot delete blocks and layersMiroslav Helebrandt112015-11-30
by Miroslav Helebrandt
Delete Layer and all entities on itSteven Brok52015-11-30
by Steven Brok
wxWidgets & BRICSCAD do not work together. wxDialog::ShowModal() or wxMessageBox() do crash of BricsCad.Oleg Ogar82015-11-30
by Oleg Ogar
How can I see version wxWidgets that BricsCad use? Oleg Ogar02015-11-29
by Oleg Ogar
License key for Linux download22015-11-29
by Paulo José Wellner
I can't compile BRX without MFC. What do i need ?Oleg Ogar22015-11-28
by Torsten Moses
copy and pasteMichael cokwana102015-11-28
by Attila Szabo
Stamping Drawings Obsolete or SupersededScott McKenzie32015-11-28
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Batch Rename multiple layersAlex Symonds12015-11-28
by Kevin Simmons
New to Bricscad from Acad 2012 working issues , need help Mike Buzzetti182015-11-27
by Mike Buzzetti
How do I edit the font sizes in an existing v14 table?Joe Dunfee32015-11-27
by Joe Dunfee
Problem with Collada export in V16.Miroslav Helebrandt82015-11-27
by Miroslav Helebrandt
maintaining layer information in sectionsLukas Fertig12015-11-27
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
BIM: BimDrag how to lock visible adjoining solids?Roy Klein Gebbinck122015-11-27
by Tom Foster
Save to earlier versionRichard Sands52015-11-26
by Richard Sands
Negative image of print? Subtract print from a solid fill?Jim Canale52015-11-24
by Jim Canale
All lines, arcs, text etc. slightly blurred in V16David Waight52015-11-23
by David Waight
Can't load .tx file v13 Prowojciech langner02015-11-23
by wojciech langner
Bloque Bricscad Pro V15.2.0.6 y perdida de trabajodavid nuñez02015-11-23
by david nuñez
Cannot install trialJorge Van Krieken182015-11-23
by Miguel Palaoro
BIM Roofswalter vardanega122015-11-23
by Ken Taylor
Current or future BIM workfow?Roy Klein Gebbinck202015-11-22
by Jason Bourhill
Open last drawings on startupRichard Sands102015-11-21
by Jason Bourhill
Strange Warning when open dwg - Unsupported AutoCAD Version 20.0 BRICSCADRichard Sands22015-11-21
by Richard Sands
Problem copying ordinate dimensionsVaclav Kvasnicka52015-11-20
by Jason Bourhill
Speed issues etc.Vaclav Kvasnicka92015-11-20
by H Martin Shoemaker
Hide parameters in mechanical componentsDaniele Piazza22015-11-20
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Sheet Metal: Cross BreaksScott McKenzie12015-11-20
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
Printing a transparencyJohn Kennedy22015-11-20
by Roy Klein Gebbinck
customising toolsBen Jedrej42015-11-19
by Scott McKenzie

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