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Drawings crashingAmi Tait102015-01-29
by Ami Tait
Curved TextShawn Berry12015-01-28
by Donald Broussard
Leica DBX formatPhillip Rutledge02015-01-28
by Phillip Rutledge
Express Tools for V15Phillip Rutledge42015-01-28
by Robt Deans
Smooth view transitions?Ragnar Mikkelsen12015-01-28
by Ragnar Mikkelsen
Custom ribbon for V15Wolter Bijker132015-01-28
by Jayaprakash Balasubramaniam
INSUNITS and Paper spaceMarin Mijalić22015-01-28
by Marin Mijalić
Button iconsJim Cox32015-01-28
by Ami Tait
Mechanical Browser and 2D draftingJoseph Milanese12015-01-27
by Richard Webb
magnetic cursorPatrik Sparrman62015-01-27
by Patrik Sparrman
3D snap in V15 not working properlyDirk Van Thienen62015-01-26
by Richard Webb
.Net: Zoom and focus on a BlockReferenceAlberto Herrero12015-01-26
by Ferdinand Janssens
Attribute OUT and INKresimir Bedenikovic02015-01-26
by Kresimir Bedenikovic
Xref line types.Eoin O'Reilly32015-01-25
by Anthony Apostolaros
Seeking ways to distinguish the rendering of hidden objects and featuresJoe Dunfee62015-01-23
by Joe Dunfee
What's going on? Dwg's with a mind of their own!Kevin Holland62015-01-23
by Hans De Backer
Popup task barEoin O'Reilly22015-01-23
by Eoin O'Reilly
Generative Views Viewport UpdatingSteven Cobden02015-01-21
by Steven Cobden
V15 - is it worth the upgrade?Tim Neumann42015-01-21
by John Gaunt
Right Mouse Button ClickSteven Cobden42015-01-21
by Steven Cobden
BricsCAD v15 WishlistS G592015-01-21
by Christian Harrer
subscription renewedStefaan Coddé32015-01-21
by Stefaan Coddé
menuload problemDirk Van Thienen142015-01-21
by Dirk Van Thienen
Annotative MtextJohn Gaunt02015-01-21
by John Gaunt
Change Background Colour - Bug in Help MenuAnthony Smith12015-01-20
by Jason Bourhill
V15 small bugStefaan Coddé12015-01-20
by Jason Bourhill
Leader TextRick Eaglin22015-01-20
by Jason Bourhill
multiline text in custom large ribbon buttonsDirk Van Thienen02015-01-17
by Dirk Van Thienen
Polyline gripsKresimir Bedenikovic42015-01-16
by Knut Hohenberg
Animation or Kinematic software?Joe Dunfee72015-01-16
by Joe Dunfee

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