Bricscad Pro trial installation guideline

product: BricsCAD
version: All Pro versions
operating system: All Operating Systems
last reviewed: 2010-02-05


I do not think Bricscad Pro installed properly. I was never asked for my license key for Bricscad Pro. When I go to to Help - About it says I have Bricscad Classic.

I do not understand these instructions on the website:
"The Pro components (ACIS Editing and VBA) are installed only when a valid Pro license key was found on your system. When you installed Pro in trial mode only ACIS editing is installed not VBA.
In order to install these components, enter your Pro license key when installing Bricscad Pro.
If Bricscad Pro is already installed without these components, enter your Pro license key in Bricscad before modifying your existing installation (Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs) by adding the ACIS Editing and VBA components."


When you want to install Bricscad in trial mode, you can choose between two different levels: Pro and Classic. There is a different installer for each of these levels. If you want to install Bricscad Pro in trial mode, you must run the Bricscad Pro installer. It is not possible to 'upgrade' a Bricscad Classic to Pro in trial mode.

If you installed Bricscad Pro in trial mode and ACIS is not installed go to (Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs) by adding the ACIS Editing component.

A Pro trial license never includes VBA. Bricsys is not allowed to install trial versions of VBA without paying royalties for this component.

More information

If no license key is found, the Bricscad installer creates a trial license. The Bricscad Pro installer creates a Pro license, while the Bricscad Classic creates a Classic license. After a period of 30 days the trial license expires. Running the installer again will not create a new trial license. Therefore, if a Classic trial license is already present, running the Bricscad Pro installer will not create a Pro trial license key.
You can install a new trial license with each major upgrade (V9, V10, ...)